About Approved Courses

Approved Courses for Candidates

There are several ways to earn the Library Support Staff Certification.  If you are interested in taking courses to complete the certification, please see the information below.  You can also complete LTA Programs that have a recognition agreement with the LSSC Program.

Approved Course Catalog

Taking courses from Non-college Providers

Non-college Providers offer courses that have been approved by the LSSC Program and align with the Competency Sets.  These Providers do not offer programs that lead to a college degree or college certificate, but rather, single courses that meet the requirements of an appropriate competency set.  The Approved Course Catalog displays all these individual courses and the corresponding information for those courses, including the provider, dates, cost, and contact information.  You only need to take one approved course per competency set.

Taking courses from an LTA Program with a Recognition Agreement

Library Technical Assistant Programs also offer LSSC Approved Courses.  These programs offer comprehensive courses of study that lead to a college degree or a college certificate.  The LSSC Program has reviewed  many LTA Programs and decided that their graduation requirements corresponds to the completion of the three required LSSC Competency Sets and at least  three or more elective Competency Sets, with occasional exceptions sometimes requiring an extra course.  LSSC candidates can either choose to enroll in an LTA Program if they are interested in pursuing a two-year college degree or a certificate or take single courses from the individual LTA Programs, just as if they were taking courses from an Approved Provider.  Please visit the LTA Partner Programs list for more information.