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Currently there are no scheduled upcoming presentations.

Archived Webinars and Presentations


2013, April 24 – LSSC – An Introduction (YouTube archived webinar)

  • An hour long recording of a past webinar introducing and explaining the LSSC Program. The presentation discusses the value of this certification to Library Support Staff, employers, and library users as well as how to apply to the program and the processes for successfully completing it.

2013, April 30 – Using LiveText Successfully (YouTube archived webinar)

  • LiveText is the online space that candidates will interact with as they work towards certification. This is a recording of  an hour-long webinar which explains how to navigate LiveText successfully.  The presentation discusses the different areas of the website as well as how to upload and access documents.

2013, April 29 – Preparing a Portfolio (YouTube archived webinar) Portfolios are no longer being accepted.

  • Many LSSC candidates want to prepare portfolios to meet LSSC requirements.  This is a recording of an hour-long webinar which explains what the LSSC Program requires in a portfolio. The presentation also gives you the chance to see examples of successful submissions and learn how your portfolio will be evaluated.

2012, December 13 – Welcome New Candidates (WEBINAR – wmv, Windows Media file)

  • This is a recording of an hour-long webinar which explains what to do as a new candidate in the LSSC Program. The webinar discusses how to navigate the program as you work towards Certification as well as the various ways in which you can complete the necessary competency sets.

2013, April 25 – Conversations with Graduates (YouTube archived webinar)

2013, June 18 – Conversations with Graduates (Adobe Connect webinar recording)

  • These are two separate recordings of  hour-long informational webinars which features two different LSSC Graduates in each session. The Graduates offer their opinions on the program as well as comments on their experience working towards becoming Certified Library Support Staff.

Presentations (MS PowerPoint)

Scheduling Speakers

The LSSC Program staff are happy to make presentations about LSSC in person or through a webinar.  There is no charge for LSSC staff to provide programs in person or online, however, the LSSC budget does not include funding for travel and per diem. To schedule a presentation by an LSSC staff person, call LSSC at (800) 545-2433 x4279, or email lssc@ala.org.