For Portfolio Evaluators

The Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program is looking for experienced librarians willing to evaluate portfolios submitted by Library Support Staff (LSS) candidates in the LSSC Program.  We encourage you to read the information below and to apply to be a portfolio evaluator. Evaluators must provide evidence that they have expertise in a competency set. Librarians may apply to become evaluators for more than one competency set.

The LSSC Program awards certification to LSS who complete six of ten competency sets.

As an evaluator, you will:

  • help to improve library service
  • help library support staff who are seeking certification
  • share your expertise with colleagues

All portfolios are available online through the LiveText Certification Management System. Portfolio evaluators choose the competency sets they wish to evaluate and can choose how many portfolios they wish to evaluate in a year. You must participate in a short training session provided online before you assess your first portfolio.

You may review the directions candidates are given about developing and submitting a portfolio on this website.  To help develop successful portfolios, candidates may use Portfolio Development Suggestions (PDS) developed by LSSC for all the competency sets. PDS are similar to assignments that a candidate can complete to show they have the knowledge and skills in that competency.   Some candidates may choose to use these suggestions to develop their portfolios.

Two portfolio evaluators will assess each portfolio and, if they do not agree on the assessment, a third evaluator will also review the portfolio.

For more specifics, view the power point on evaluating portfolios.

The LSSC Program awards certification to LSS who complete six of ten competency sets.