For Library Administrators

On this page you will find links to how you can support the LSS who work for you and a Candidate Application Form that you can share with your staff.

What difference does a certified library support staff (LSS) mean for your library?  Research shows that LSS certified in a rigorous certification program:

  • have more self confidence in their own ability
  • believe they provide better service to the public
  • better understand how the entire library operates
  • are more willing to accept responsibility
  • work better on the library team

Our candidates reinforce those finding and shared these comments with us about the value of participating in the LSSC program:

“I have moved from part-time position to full-time, and better serve patrons with knowledge gained as well as making myself a better co-worker with the responsibilities given to me based on my skills and knowledge.”

“I am much more confident in my daily interactions with patrons.  I am able to find the answers to reference questions and have been able to pass on very useful websites to my coworkers.”

“A course has helped me to understand the different functions of the library.  This understanding has allowed me to be more aware of the information I need to provide when having discussions with members of other departments.”

To receive the LSSC, candidates prove their proficiency in ten competency sets.  Candidates not only demonstrate their skills and knowledge in six of these sets but also demonstrate that the can commitment to a difficult endeavor and are committed to improving themselves thought certification.

By supporting and guiding your library’s LSS candidates during their certification efforts, you can help shape the quality of service delivered by your library to its users.  A recent survey showed that many LSSC candidates have received and appreciate managerial support.  This support can be financial assistance with course or enrollment fees; but a number of survey respondents said that their managers were proud of their efforts!