About LSSC

The Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program is a national certification program sponsored by the American Library Association that allows library support staff to demonstrate their competencies and become a Certified Library Support Staff (CLSS).

LSSC was developed by grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. LSSC began accepting applications for LSSC candidacy in January 2010.  It is now supported by the American Library Association and managed by the Allied Professional Association.  LSSC was inspired by the Western Council of State Libraries Library Practitioner Certificate Program

LSSC has an ALA-member advisory committee, the LSSC Certification Review Committee.

The Webinars and Presentations page lists upcoming webinars on the LSSC Program and features archived recordings of past webinars as well as downloadable versions of the PowerPoint presentations used for the webinars. You can also download a copy of our latest brochure. If you would like more materials to hand out to staff or colleagues, please contact the LSSC Office at 1-800-545-2433 ext. 4279 or lssc@ala.org.

For more information about LSSC, contact Kimberly Redd at klredd@ala.org.