ALA-APA Recognizes City College of San Francisco College Graduates

The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) announced that it has completed an agreement with the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) that will allow its graduates who meet the established criteria from their Library Information Technology Program to receive the LSSC designation.

ALA-APA and CCSF believe that the graduates’ degrees or certificates, coupled with the LSSC, will benefit graduates, the library in which they work and library users.  Lorelle Swader, Director of ALA-APA, said, “CCSF’s graduates in the Library Science Program will be recognized for their acquired skills and knowledge with this national certification, which is quickly becoming a standard for the profession.  The LSSC will show employers of these graduates that they have made a commitment to furthering their own continuing professional development and future.”

The ALA-APA proposed this agreement after reviewing CCSF curriculum and finding that its graduates have completed coursework that meets the majority of LSSC’s competency requirements.  To receive the LSSC, candidates from CCSF must have the required one year of recent library experience or meet that requirement within four years.

ALA-APA is has similar agreements with the Pasadena City College and the Palomar Community College in California; the Waubonsee Community College, the College of DuPage and the Illinois Central College in Illinois; the Highline Community College in Washington; the Dona Ana Community College in New Mexico; the Central Carolina Community College in North Carolina; the Belmont College in Ohio, and the Ivy Community College in Indiana.  ALA-APA is working with 11 other colleges to see if their curriculums also meet the standards set forth by the LSSC competencies. 

The LSSC Program is interested in working with other community or junior college programs.

Funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the American Library Association developed, established the LSSC Program, and support ALA-APA’s work with LTA programs.

To find out more about this degree or recognition agreements or about LSSC, please contact LSSC Program staff at Information on the San Francisco City College Library Information Technology Program can be found here.