Recognizing Value: Encouraging Growth

Learn more about the application process, eligibility requirements, and costs associated with becoming an LSSC Candidate!

Welcome to LSSC

What is the LSSC?  LSSC is designed to recognize the value and accomplishments of Library Support Staff.  The LSSC Program is managed by the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA).

Who’s it for?  LSSC is directed towards those who work in positions in libraries that do not require a graduate degree in Library Science.

What is the path to certification?  To earn the LSSC, candidates must first meet the eligibility requirements, and then successfully complete six of ten competency sets.  Candidates may complete these sets by completing approved courses or graduating from training programs in LSSC colleges with which LSSC has a Recognition Agreement.

LSSC’s Benefits

For Library Support Staff

Recognition of current skills and the opportunity to learn more, as one candidate said,

“I have moved from part-time position to full-time, and better serve patrons with knowledge gained as well as making myself a better co-worker with the responsibilities given to me based on my skills and knowledge”

For Employers

The LSSC means that a prospective employee has specific knowledge and skills.  Current employees can increase their skills leading to improved performance.  A candidate reported that:

“A course has helped me to understand the different functions of the library. This understanding has allowed me to be more aware of the information I need to provide when having discussions with members of other departments”

For Library Users

Candidates report that they are more confident and able to meet user needs.

“I am much more confident in my daily interactions with patrons.  I am able to find the answers to reference questions and have been able to pass on very useful websites to my coworkers.”