Pay Equity

Chair: Ly Nguyen (2023 -2025)

Sub-committee to the Standing Committee on the Salaries and Status of Library Workers

Pay Equity Charge

  • Define clearly the term “pay equity” as it applies to wages and explain the need to implement pay equity for library workers. Provide information about the history of discrimination in library workers’ wages and the history of ALA’s commitment to the concept of pay equity, as well as ALA’s and ALA-APA’s relationship to the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE).
  • Disseminate this information to other working groups and the ALA Committee on Pay Equity and use it for articles for library and other publications.
  • Work with the ALA-APA Standing Committee and the ALA Committee on Pay Equity on pay equity projects, including programming, as appropriate.
  • Maintain a link to NCPE and its primary activities of organizing Equal Pay Day, an annual event to highlight the gap between the wages of men and those of women and people of color, and supporting legislation to implement pay equity on the state and federal levels.
  • Provide information about pay equity and activities of NCPE to other working groups and to the ALA Committee on Pay Equity. Communicate on a regular basis with other working groups, the ALA Committee on Pay Equity, and NCPE.