Participation in the CPLA program is $250 for American Library Association members and $350 for non-American Library Association members. This fee is only for acceptance into the CPLA program. The fees paid to course providers are separate and will be paid directly to the providers. Courses fees average $360*. Please see descriptions of courses for fees charged by course providers. For face-to-face courses offered by the Public Library Association, the candidate is responsible for travel costs.

After completion of a standard/course, candidates have up to 12 months to submit evidence of completion to ALA-APA. See For CPLA Candidates.

Course Completion Form and Final Review Fees

Course Completion Forms – $60.00 per submission for ALA members, $75.00 per submission for non-members.  

Final Reviews –  $75.00 per submission  for ALA members, $100.00 per submission for non-members.  .

If you have any questions, please contact Kimberly Redd at klredd@ala.org.

Estimate of Fees

  ALA Member Non-ALA Member
Application Fee
*Courses, 7 @ ~$360 (ALA member) or $400 (non-member)
Course Completion Reviews, 7 @
$60 (ALA member) or $75 (non-member)

Final Review/Certification $75 (ALA member) or $100(non-member)