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Course Completion Form

Congratulations on completing an approved CPLA Course!  All candidates must complete seven courses – four core and three electives of your choice.  We hope you enjoyed it and that your learning will have a positive impact on your worklife. You have up to 12 months after completing a course to submit it for review by the CPLA Certification Review Committee.

When you would like the CPLA CRC to review a completed course, submit the Course Completion Form. In the form, comment on the class listed above and evaluate what you have learned. Be descriptive and specific. Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and format are considerations for acceptance or denial. At the end of the form, you will pay the submission fee via PayPal – $60 fee for ALA members ($75 for non-ALA members). You will submit a form for each of the seven courses you take. The final review is a different process and requires the same fee. Only online submissions completed using the linked form below will be accepted.

There will be a $15 fee ($25 for non-ALA members) if candidates are asked to resubmit a Course Completion Form more than twice. You can avoid resubmission and the fee, generally, by completely answering both questions, including detail, and following the instructions.

Please do not wait to submit all of the Course Completion Forms at once. The CPLA Certification Review Committee wants to be sure that it has time to assist you if there are any issues with the content of the forms.

As always, if you have feedback for CPLA, contact Kimberly L. Redd or 800-545-2433, x4279.

Final Review

After completing seven courses (four core and three electives), submitting seven Course Completion Forms and having seven courses approved for your candidacy, you must submit a Final Review and fee ($75 for all CPLA candidates) within one year of completing your last course.

The Final Review will require that you submit a completed version of the Final Review Form along with an electronic copies of two (2) final course projects, one from a core course and one from any of the seven courses you have taken. These are places in the form for you to attach these projects.

The CPLA Certification Review Committee will evaluate your projects and determine your eligibility for the CPLA designation at this time.