Fundraising/Grantsmanship | Cost: $350 | REGISTER

Instructor: Jason Kovac

Course Fee: $350

Times: Online, asynchronous with access to recordings and podcasts to enhance course delivery

  • Sessions and materials will be made available on six sequential Mondays.
  • There will be a recorded lecture each week as well as occasional live sessions in which the instructor will address specific questions and conte xtx from the participants regarding the course material
  • A link to a recording of each session will be made available to the students shortly after each session concludes

Course Description:
This course will take students through an intensive introduction in the following:

  • how to perform community needs analysis;
  • how to develop and align strategies with identified needs
  • how to identify and build relationships with potential community partners and local/national granting agencies that can offer support to your vision; and
  • how to use fundraising as a way to engage your community with your organizational mission while building resources for continued success

Technology Requirements: Reliable Internet connection; Java-enabled web browser; Real Player software; Adobe Reader; IBM Compatible PC with at least 400 MB RAM with Windows 2000/XP/7 or Macintosh with OS8; 128 MB RAM; sound card with speakers and/or earphones; color monitor with at least 800×600 resolution

Contact: Pamela Akins, 312.280.4210.