Given the following resources are available to the candidate:

  • Strategic plan and budget.
  • Board of Directors deliberations about their vision and mission of the library.
  • New or existing library product or service to be marketed.

The candidate:

  • Develops and oversees the development of a marketing plan:
    • Reviews (identify stakeholders) community analysis.
    • Determines goals for marketing plan.
    • Determines targeted audience.
    • Determines marketing budget range.
    • Determines communication conduits.
    • Determines expertise needed (in-house and/or consultant).
    • Determine timeline.
    • Analyzes the library needs of the diverse community.
    • Identifies library products and services to meet those needs.
    • Markets/promotes these products and services to the community.

The criteria to judge the adequacy of the performances are:

  • Needs are identified.
  • Products and services that meet the needs are identified.
  • Marketing activities are identified.
  • Appropriate and measurable goals are set.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describes methods of community study and analysis in order to design an effective marketing plan.
  2. Describes a range of methods for marketing new and existing services and products to better inform the community of library offerings.
  3. Writes a marketing plan for their library or specific functional area with measurable objectives based on customer needs.

Revised June 2023

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