Given the following resources are available to the candidate:

  • Strategic plan and budget.
  • Board of Directors deliberations about their vision and mission of the library.
  • New or existing library product or service to be marketed.

The candidate:

  • Analyzes the library needs of the community (see Diverse Populations).

The candidate:

  • Oversees the development of a marketing plan:
    • Reviews community analysis
    • Determines goals for marketing plan
    • Determines targeted audience
    • Determines marketing budget range
    • Determines communication conduits
    • Determines expertise needed (in-house and/or consultant)

The criteria to judge the adequacy of the performances are:

  • Needs are successfully identified.
  • Products and services that meet the needs are identified.
  • Appropriate and measurable goals are set.
  • Marketing activities are effective.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understands methods of community study and analysis in order to design an effective marketing plan.
  2. Describes a range of methods for marketing new and existing services and products to better inform the community of library offerings
  3. Articulates strategic library directions with measurable objectives based on customer needs.
  4. Describes the planning/marketing process OR write a marketing plan for their library or specific functional area OR engage in a market planning process for their library (requires follow-up).

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