CPLA Podcast

Certification for Public Library Administrators podcast (.mp3, 6.35 minutes)

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Gloria C-D is working with a committee that is:

“plugging the weaknesses in library school training, e.g. budgeting. I am also interested in what APA is doing, because I believe that public librarian training should be standardized in some way, and certification would no doubt do it.”... Read the rest

Deborah E. says:

“The program appeals to me personally and in my position as the Staff Development Coordinator for my library because I’m looking for a program that would provide training and certification for librarians interested in moving into administrative positions and wouldn’t require obtaining a second master’s degree. I have mentioned the proposed ALA-APA program to colleagues within the management team and ... Read the rest

Why is certification important for public librarians?

Suzann H knows that “running a public library nowadays is like being in business. Finances, budgets, legislation, technology and staffing were not covered or have changed dramatically since library school but are now a necessary part of my current position. I’m learning as I go, but often times feel over my head in these areas. The Certified Public Library Administrator ... Read the rest

Kara S. says:

“The CPLA program seems like the logical next step in achieving my career goals. I have received both academic and real world training, (MLS from an accredited library school and various managerial library positions), but would love to be better prepared for my next desired position as a library director. I am hoping this certification will not only better prepare ... Read the rest