ALA-APA offers two certification programs, the Certified Public Library Administrator Program and the Library Support Staff Certification Program.

CPLA Logo The Certified Public Library Administrator Program is a voluntary post-MLS certification program for public librarians with three years or more of supervisory experience. CPLA certification will enable public librarians to:

  • Further their professional education and development.
  • Move to a higher level of practical professional experience.
  • Improve career opportunities through professional expertise.
  • Demonstrate to colleagues, trustees and board of directors, patrons and the wider information community that the certified person has acquired a nationally and professionally recognized body of knowledge and expertise in public library administration.
  • Improve the quality of library service through the provision of practical knowledge and skills essential to successful library management.
The Library Support Staff Certification Program is for Library Support Staff who have a high-school degree or its equivalent and worked (paid or unpaid) in libraries for at least one year and want to:

  • Achieve recognition for your work
  • Enhance your service
  • Increase your skills & knowledge


For additional information about state certification requirements and laws pleas visit the following:

Library Support Staff Certification by State