ALA-APA Board of Directors Action Summary (Fall 2010)

Action Summary

ALA-APA Board of Directors

During the ALA 2010 Fall meeting on Sunday, October 24, 2010, in Chicago, IL, the ALA-APA Board of Directors took the following actions:

By consent, approved the agenda for the 2010 Fall Meeting of the ALA-APA Board of Directors Meeting (APABD #9.0). Consent

By consent, approved the minutes from the 2010 Annual Conference (APABD #2.0). Consent

Voted, to apply $10,000 of FY10’s positive net revenue to the ALA-APA loan principal.

Voted, to commend the ALA-APA leadership for achieving an FY10 positive net revenue that allows for payment of its loan payment and contribution to interest on the loan.

Voted, to approve the final FY11 ALA-APA budgetary ceiling of $234,303.