Transition Team

At the ALA Midwinter Meeting in New Orleans in January 2002, ALA Council directed the ALA President: β€œto appoint a transition team charged to take an operating plan to Council at the 2002 Annual Conference.” (ALA Council 2001–2002 CD#24 Revised, January 2002, ALA Midwinter Meeting in New Orleans). ALA President John W. Berry appointed a team of 11 ALA members and 2 staff who held conference calls and communicated via e-mail to recommend next steps for the ALA-APA. The Transition Team formed 7 Working Groups and enlisted 47 ALA members to address transition needs. These Groups included: Governance, External Relationships, Financial Resources, Certification, Salaries and Pay Equity, Membership/Benefits/Responsibilities, and Legislative and General Advocacy.

That ALA-APA Transition Team held small group discussions during ALA Midwinter and Annual Conferences to consider and determine policies and procedures about the governance, certification activities, and budget for the ALA-APA. The team also made recommendations for implementation activities and developed the foundational documents for the organization.

  • Nancy Kranich (Chair)
  • Charles Beard
  • Leslie Burger
  • June DeWeese
  • Paulette A. Feld
  • Gloria J.Leonard
  • Vivian Pisano
  • Suzanne Reymer
  • Patricia H. Smith
  • Barbara K. Stripling
  • Thomas L.Wilding
  • Mary Ghikas (staff)
  • Lorelle Swader (staff)