Pioneer Library System Share Workplace Wellness Success Story at PLA

In March, the Pioneer Library System shared the success of their workplace wellness program at a panel entitled “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: Creating Inclusive and Sustainable Employee Wellness Initiatives” at the Public Library Association convention in Philadelphia. To read about this panel along with information about the Houston Public Library’s success with integrating a WIC center into one of there branches, read the article at American Libraries Magazine.

ALA Annual Session on the Motivation Challenges of Continual Learning

Anytime + Anywhere = Never: Tackling the Motivation Challenges of Continual Learning

Monday, June 27
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Orange County Convention Center, Room W110B

We all aspire to be lifelong learners, especially in service of our library patrons. And we have all hit the snag of “Anytime + Anywhere = Never” ―the reality that unlimited access, unbounded time and lack of external motivators often means that our learning never gets off the ground. In this collaborative and interactive session, we will surface and critically examine those barriers. We’ll share case studies that demonstrate how individual motivation is stronger when people learn together and leverage connected exploration, whether it’s a large public library system or a small library with few staff. Drawing on these case studies, knowledge of the workings of the brain, and an understanding of the “modern learner,” we will work together to define solutions that will help us individually and collectively crest the wave and stay on top of our learning needs. By formulating solutions and plans to just get started on our own learning paths, this learning could last a lifetime.

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ALA Annual Session on Salary Negotiation for Library Workers

The Art of Asking: Salary Negotiation for Library Workers

Sunday, June 26
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Rosen Centre, Room Salon 01/02

Join ALA-APA to discuss salary and non-salary compensation negotiation issues in library hiring and promotion. We will review best sources for salary information, discuss common barriers to negotiation success, and offer concrete advice to empower library workers of all levels of experience to negotiate with ease and confidence. A portion of this session will involve facilitated small group discussion where individuals will have the opportunity to be active participants and will be encouraged to share.


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Gov Cuomo Signs Paid Family Leave Bill

In April 2016, Governor Cuomo signed a bill which will guarantee 12 weeks of partially paid family leave for NY State workers, to take full effect of 67% salary by 2021. This legislation also raises the minimum wage to $15 over the next several years. It’s important to note that family leave provides for paid leave for the care of a new child as well as any family member needing care. Let’s hope this sets a precedent for other states to join CA, WA, RI, NJ, D.C., and now NY in securing family and medical leave benefits.

Read more: Victory for New York State Families at

University Libraries Add Study Bikes

A recent article from Huffington Post alerted us to this new trend. Troy University Library’s Dean, Christopher Shaffer installed FitDesk exercise bikes into the library, because: “Humans aren’t meant to sit all day.” He cites the impact of physical movement and wellness on mental focus and hopes to give students the ability to study without being sedentary.

Troy is just one of many university libraries that are installing bikes in order to encourage more active studying (Clemson University is another), and students and faculty are loving them. FitDesk bikes are priced rather inexpensively, so gather some faculty and students and get your administration on board–and in the saddle!

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(Troy University Library) College Adds New Spin To Studying, Installs Exercise Bikes In Library

(Clemson University Library) FitDesk Bike Desk: a healthy way to study


Image Source: The Auburn Plainsman, Contributed by June Pilcher, alumni distinguished professor of psychology from Clemson University