ALA Annual 2018 Session on Being Generous at Work

Giving to Get Ahead: How to be Generous Without Being a Doormat

Saturday, June 23
4PM to 5PM

Being a giver will help you succeed. This interactive presentation will focus on the practical application of Adam Grant’s theories about give and take. We will identify the different types of Givers, Matchers and Takers. Grant argues that the most effective organizations and teams have a culture of giving. Interestingly, the best and worst performing people in any organization are both Givers. Why does giving propel some people to the top and drag others down? Don’t be a victim of your own success! Giving strategically can increase your impact and prevent burnout. We will define effective giving and demonstrate how strategic selfless giving benefits the individual and the organization. Using stories, tips, and exercises we will illustrate strategies for developing a mindset for success. You will leave with a personal strategy for effective giving.

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ALA Annual 2018 Session on Crafting a Caring Organization

ACRL President’s Program: Beyond Resilience: Crafting a Caring Organization

Saturday, June 23
10:30AM to 12PM

The ability to “bounce back” from crises, often known as resilience, is increasingly considered an essential skill in many different fields. A well-attended program at the ACRL 2017 Conference challenged academic librarians to think critically about how the term is used to shift responsibility for success and survival to individuals, while silencing conversations about structural inequalities. For some, this sparked overdue conversations and provided an opportunity to talk about something they had long understood. For others, it introduced a new way of understanding the term and how workplace resilience can have negative effects. For many, this led to another question: if asking employees to “be resilient” isn’t enough, what can we do instead — as individuals or as organizations — to create caring and healthy workplaces in our libraries? In this program, panelists will share stories describing how they have dealt with major change and challenges, and discuss how each of us can take steps to shape responsive and caring organizations.

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ALA Annual 2018 Session on Sustainable Libraries

(SUSTAINRT) The Rising Tide: How Libraries Sustain a Planet in Crisis

Sunday, June 24
8:30AM to 10AM

In this panel/program we seek to convey the inextricable connection between social justice and climate change. Specifically, how climate change disproportionately affects poorer communities and communities of color, and how libraries and librarians can (and do) play a pivotal role in helping vulnerable communities build the physical, social, economic, and emotional resources and skills necessary to endure and thrive in the face of such catastrophic climate, social, and economic disruptions. The site of our Annual conference, New Orleans faced the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, and will continue to face increasing disaster as our climate actively changes. Another such community is the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who have worked to protect their water from pollution by corporate pipelines. We hope to include local librarian(s) who were/are on the ground serving and assisting their communities during and after these and other events, and also hope to highlight how they are helping their communities plan/prepare for future such events.

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ALA Annual 2018 Session on Addressing Conflict

LLAMA President’s Program: Addressing Conflict Through Difficult and Uncomfortable Dialogues…Why This Is Important

Saturday, June 23
10:30AM to 12:00PM

We live in a changing world and everywhere we turn these days we seem to be encountering interpersonal conflict within our libraries, our professional associations, and our personal environment.  For a wide range of reasons, most individuals are not comfortable engaging in and trying to manage it.  This discomfort can lead us to avoid situations involving conflict or overreact and try to manage it from a position of authority, both of which may not be ideal in addressing the conflict.  In this program, Dr. Nancy T. Watson, Ph.D. – TMCA Distinguished Mediator and President of The Center for Change and Conflict Resolution will provide insights into better understanding and managing conflict.  Attendees will gain an understanding of recognizing elements contributing to conflict, passive-aggressive behaviors, and get tips on engagement to address or move past difficult conflict-based situations.

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ALA Annual Session on the Motivation Challenges of Continual Learning

Anytime + Anywhere = Never: Tackling the Motivation Challenges of Continual Learning

Monday, June 27
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Orange County Convention Center, Room W110B

We all aspire to be lifelong learners, especially in service of our library patrons. And we have all hit the snag of “Anytime + Anywhere = Never” ―the reality that unlimited access, unbounded time and lack of external motivators often means that our learning never gets off the ground. In this collaborative and interactive session, we will surface and critically examine those barriers. We’ll share case studies that demonstrate how individual motivation is stronger when people learn together and leverage connected exploration, whether it’s a large public library system or a small library with few staff. Drawing on these case studies, knowledge of the workings of the brain, and an understanding of the “modern learner,” we will work together to define solutions that will help us individually and collectively crest the wave and stay on top of our learning needs. By formulating solutions and plans to just get started on our own learning paths, this learning could last a lifetime.

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ALA Annual Session on Salary Negotiation for Library Workers

The Art of Asking: Salary Negotiation for Library Workers

Sunday, June 26
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Rosen Centre, Room Salon 01/02

Join ALA-APA to discuss salary and non-salary compensation negotiation issues in library hiring and promotion. We will review best sources for salary information, discuss common barriers to negotiation success, and offer concrete advice to empower library workers of all levels of experience to negotiate with ease and confidence. A portion of this session will involve facilitated small group discussion where individuals will have the opportunity to be active participants and will be encouraged to share.


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