University Libraries Add Study Bikes

Clemson University students use the FitDesk Bike Desk.

A recent article from Huffington Post alerted us to this new trend. Troy University Library’s Dean, Christopher Shaffer installed FitDesk exercise bikes into the library, because: “Humans aren’t meant to sit all day.” He cites the impact of physical movement and wellness on mental focus and hopes to give students the ability to study without being sedentary.

Troy is just one of many university libraries that are installing bikes in order to encourage more active studying (Clemson University is another), and students and faculty are loving them. FitDesk bikes are priced rather inexpensively, so gather some faculty and students and get your administration on board–and in the saddle!

Read It:

(Troy University Library) College Adds New Spin To Studying, Installs Exercise Bikes In Library

(Clemson University Library) FitDesk Bike Desk: a healthy way to study


Image Source: The Auburn Plainsman, Contributed by June Pilcher, alumni distinguished professor of psychology from Clemson University

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  1. We are researching the effects of using the FitDesk when working or studying at Clemson University. We have recently published our first set of results in Frontiers in Psychology:

    Clemson has also put out a recent media release on our research effort:

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