Volume 8, No. 10 • October 2011


  • Keep the “CO” in Coordinating

    My first academic library position was at a large academic institution in the heart of Atlanta. While our library faculty was very large, the organizational hierarchy for my department was relatively flat – my departmental coordinator (and direct supervisor) was the only person between me and a member of the library administration. I watched my supervisor successfully navigate expectations from other library leaders. She reconciled those goals with her philosophy of library service and her … Read the rest


Career Advancement

HR Practice

  • Giving One For the Team: a Primer for Career Coaching

    Editor’s Note: This article is an update of Hogben’s 2010 Coaching in the Workplace, published in v. 17, no. 2, of the online journal Associates.

    The most important relationship employees have is with their manager. Studies show that even when work conditions are less than ideal, employees stay with an organization if they have a good relationship with the manager.
    Payne, V. (2007), p. 109

    If you supervise staff or student assistants, you may be … Read the rest


  • Advice for Aspiring Academic Librarians

    Your studies in library school are invaluable, but it is the work you do outside of class that can have the largest impact on your future career as an academic librarian. Your future employers value a depth of understanding that only extracurricular experiences can provide – understanding of the issues and trends of the 21st century academic library. Create learning experiences outside of class to learn the skills you need for future success and job satisfaction.… Read the rest


  • Tips from the Yin-Yang Librarian: Finding the Work-Life Balance

    It has taken me three years as an academic librarian feverishly chasing tenure to remember a few simple things about life. Call me focused, driven, or stubborn. But now that I have remembered these simple principles, I can’t believe I ever forgot them.

    The past three years remind me of the Wachowski Brothers’ Matrix movie series. It was as if I were living in a world that was not of my creation; where I was told … Read the rest