Volume 7, No. 7 • July 2010


  • Mid-Life Career Change-On Choosing Librarianship

    My interest in writing about career changers stems from my being one. The need to explore employment opportunities in new industries was motivated by two significant factors: severe burnout and—this fact concerned me less than it might have if I had not already been suffering from the first–an imminent layoff. While job changes are easy enough to track, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not track career changes because it cannot clearly distinguish career … Read the rest


  • Brevard (Florida) checks out private option

    Brevard County, Florida, leaders are researching whether to hire a private company to manage the Space Coast’s 17 public libraries.

    Because of falling property tax revenues, the library system’s operating budget fell from $23.1 million in 2006-07 to $15.6 million this year. In response, administrators cut staffing, rolled out staggered schedules and slashed hours of operation by 20 percent.

    In June, Commissioner Andy Anderson and County Manager Howard Tipton met with … Read the rest

  • New library plan would cut hours

    By Tricia L. Nadolny, The Indianapolis Star (Indiana): July 11, 2010

    The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library is expecting to cut hours as part of its 2011 budget — but that may not keep the library from closing branches.

    The city’s High-Performance Government Team recommends that, at least in the short term, branch closings can be avoided by cutting hours across the system. The cuts vary by branch size but range from one to 15 hours per week. The plan also … Read the rest

  • Summer reading is latest budget-cutback victim: Montgomery is lone Md. county to lose program

    As part of a 23 percent reduction in funding for fiscal 2011, the Montgomery County Public Library System will lose 78 positions, said county library business manager Eric Carzon. Fiscal 2010 budget cuts forced the system to eliminate 60 positions. The library systems fiscal 2011 budget is $28.9 million, down from previous year’s $37.7 million.

    Decreased staffing — a result of county budget cuts — has forced the library system to … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • YouTube: The World’s Public Media Library

    The public library is often criticized as a waste of resources; critics argue that the Information Revolution has entirely displaced print materials, and that physical repositories of print materials are thus obsolete. Yet the current economic situation has led households to eliminate Internet access from their budgets. The economic downturn has contributed to the public using the library for non-print access, thus ensuring the library’s continued role of relevant adaptability and in fact, expansion. This expansion … Read the rest


  • Certified for Success

    Reprinted with permission from the Association Forum of Chicagoland’s June/July 2010 issue of FORUM.

    A good way to attain increased revenue is with a certification program that taps into members’ desire to gain a professional edge in the job market. The American Library Association actually has two: While one program offers certification for public library managers, the other offers it for public and academic library support staff. Because experience, education and expectations … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Motivation: The Care and Feeding of Library & Information Science Professionals

    When managers treat people well, they will be more likely to stay with the organization, which is good for the organization and good for the employees. Good management skills may appear to be common sense; however, there is ample evidence to support the need for further research on effective management practices.

    Seeking to understand how to make hierarchy work more effectively and humanely is a challenge for managers in any organization. Self-directed team … Read the rest


  • Survey: Public, Academic Libraries Largely Match Supply, Demand in Wellness Initiatives

    This third installment of Library Worklife’s analysis of the 2009-2010 Library Workplace Wellness online survey examines not only which initiatives are most commonly offered in each library type but also which offerings are most popular among workers. Of particular interest are wellness initiatives that are rarely offered but are highly popular, or initiatives that are commonly offered but suffer low participation. Interpretation of this data in terms of supply and demand sheds light on a number Read the rest

Support Staff

  • Becoming a Professional: My Experience to the MLS

    When I look back on my career experiences over the last three years one word comes to mind: “Wow!” Truly it has been an intense ride. My journey has taken me both high and low, and caused me to be excited and frustrated and everything in between. I’m sharing this story because through my experiences I’ve learned three things: one, that you can accomplish great things in a very short time frame; two, that there are … Read the rest


  • The Very Busy Manager (With Apologies To Eric Carle)

    There was once a very busy children’s librarian. She sang songs and performed fingerplays. She visited schools, told stories and promoted Summer Reading. She did the hoky-poky and turned herself around and, when the opportunity arose, she spread her fairy wings and became a manager. 

    On Monday, the toilet overflowed. She called Facilities and left work at 5:05 p.m.           

    On Tuesday, she held a staff meeting. She got in early at 7:30 a.m. to prepare.         

    On Wednesday, … Read the rest