Volume 6, No. 11 • November 2009



  • Supervision Without Micromanagement

    What is the difference between constructive criticism and being a control freak? When and how is it appropriate to provide feedback and make suggestions? Listed below are three examples of micromanagement:

    • The circulation supervisor requires shelvers to place books on the book cart in one specific order, even though only one shelver will be using each cart.
    • The administrator demands that branch managers produce lengthy, daily, reports about, well, everything.
    • The library trustee decides which pencils the
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  • Library project gets push

    In the face of potential layoffs and certain budget cuts, the head of the Clapp Memorial Library continues to support library expansion. But some in the Belchertown Finance Committee argue that the expansion is unsustainable in the current economic climate.

    Library trustee president Stephen S. Lanphear argues that the “woefully inadequate” current facility makes effective library services impossible.

    But Steven D. Rose, Belchertown’s Finance Committee Chairman, believes that the proposed … Read the rest

  • Libraries Feel Budget Bite; Hours, Staff Cut; Lines Grow Longer

    A 20 percent cut in state funding has led the Lancaster Public Library to eliminate ten positions.

    Facing its second consecutive year of budget cuts, LPL has laid off three full-time and seven part-time employees, and has cut the hours of several remaining part-time employees. Karen Hagler, one of the library’s computer assistants, notes that the part-time staff is “just happy not to be cut some more.”… Read the rest

  • Library looks at $1 million in cuts

    To offset a $1 million budget cut, the Pierce County Library System plans to eliminate lay off 25 employees and reduce the responsibilities and pay of nearly 40 more. If the budget is cut by another $.5 million, the Board will reduce its staffing budget even further.

    The library administration has decided not to cut hours or services: “Because 70 percent of our budget is made up of staff, … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Call For Certification, Publishing, Fundraising, and Better Salaries Committee Volunteers

    American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) President-elect Roberta Stevens is seeking applications and nominations for appointments to 2010-2011 ALA Allied Professional Association committees. Appointments take effect at the conclusion of the 2010 Annual Conference.

    Ms. Stevens will fill slots on the following committees: Certification Program, CPLA Certification Review, Promotion and Fundraising, Publishing, and Salaries and Status of Library Workers (see charges below).

    All applicants must complete and submit the electronic 2010-2011 ALA-APA Committee Volunteer Form. The form is available at: … Read the rest

  • The Fixer-Upper

    I am fortunate in these economic times to have students from a local community college intern at my work. For the price of college credits, the student gains knowledge and experience while I gain 160–200 hours of free labor towards improving our website. My selection of interns has been limited to one candidate per summer. If I had to pay the student for her work, our most recent candidate would not have been … Read the rest


  • Seventeen Students Complete First Course in the Library Support Staff Certification Program

    The Library Support Staff Certification project celebrates the completion of its first course, Supervision and Management, offered by the State Library of Louisiana (SLOL).

    Instructor and administrator Michael Golrick was pleased by the “level of enthusiasm and interest” demonstrated by the seventeen students who completed the course. “We thought we would have to do a great deal of marketing in order to get people interested in both certification and in the course,” says Golrick, who also serves as SLOL’s Head … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • 10 Attributes for Leaders during Times of Crisis

    The current economic downturn has resulted in one of the most challenging job markets in more than half a century. Lay-offs, salary freezes, furloughs and restrictions on hiring have combined to create a climate of fear and anxiety for job seekers as well as those who remain employed in virtually all industries and work environments. Furthermore, company- and industry-wide budget cuts and resource reductions have combined to radically change the way people work … Read the rest


  • North Carolina State University Libraries Fellows, 2010–2012

    The NCSU Libraries Fellows program offers a unique opportunity to a select group of M.L.S. or M.I.S. graduates who will receive the degree in November 2009 or later.  The NCSU Libraries is particularly well known for its digital library programs, its technological advances, and its commitment to defining the future of librarianship.  The NCSU Libraries offers Fellows the opportunity for rapid professional growth through assignment to an innovative project, combined with experience and mentoring in a department.  Fellows are appointed … Read the rest


  • Pay Equity: It’s More Than Loving Being a Librarian!

    Lessons Learned from the North Carolina Library Association Pay Equity Study


    To assess pay equity in North Carolina, the North Carolina Library Association (NCLA) recently completed an ambitious undertaking—a salary survey of every public and academic library in the state. The survey also included every local government and institute of higher education in North Carolina.

    The result of this large-scale project in North Carolina was … Read the rest


Support Staff

  • MPLA 2010 Leadership Institute Application Online

    The application for the Mountain Plains Library Association 2010 Leadership Institute is now online. This 7th MPLA Institute will be held April 25-30 in Estes Park, Colorado. It will again be facilitated by nationally known organizational development consultant Maureen Sullivan. Applications must be postmarked November 30, 2009.

    Anyone employed in a library in the MPLA region with a minimum of 5 years in a library-related job with progressive experience is invited to apply. Education requirements of previous institutes have been … Read the rest


  • Library workers urged to participate in survey of workplace wellness in libraries

    CHICAGO – The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) and the Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment HRDR are encouraging library employees to participate in the 2009-2010 Library Workplace Wellness online survey. The survey provides an important opportunity for library employees to share information about the availability of, and employee participation in, work/life options in libraries around the nation. The online survey, available at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=0Pz4LqU_2bnMJOyZORPX8GYQ_3d_3d, will be available through early 2010.

    This survey continues the work of … Read the rest

  • Life’s Work

    As I prepare to send my firstborn off to college, I am reflecting on the past 18 years as a parent and as a librarian. In assessing the progress of my life’s work from the vantage point of middle age and mid-career, it is easy to identify the very real role parenthood played in deterring or delaying professional goals. Decisions were made that necessarily place family above work. There were the years of working part-time to balance … Read the rest