Volume 4, No. 9 • September 2007


  • The Saga of an Academic Library’s Successful Pay Equity Proposal

    By Camilla Reid

    Good news! The Reese Library of August State University has recently made great progress it its fight for higher salaries and pay equity. In recent years Reese Library administrators have struggled to accomplish one or two annual position reclassifications and equity adjustments along with modest merit increases, and any plans for widespread salary adjustments have been thwarted. But this year employees enjoyed a breakthrough.

    Periodically Reese Library conducts “All-Library” meetings for library faculty and classified staff members. … Read the rest


  • Vancouver Librarians — Walk off the Job!

    Things to forward to while the hunt continues for our employer.

    On July 26, Vancouver library workers walked off the job for the first time in their 77-year history, effectively closing the city’s 21 branches. The union has asked the board to come back to the bargaining table, but as of September 4 it has not yet received a … Read the rest

  • A plea for library funding in Chattanooga, TN

    Funding for the Chattanooga Public Library System has remained stagnant for six years, and the library system has had to cut staff and library hours. If the Hamilton County Commission cannot match $150,000 in contingent funds held by the City of Chattanooga, the library will receive no increase in funding this year. And without help, says the library board, there are more cuts ahead.

    Past chairman of the library board, Herb … Read the rest

  • Opelousas, LA Library funding increase sought

    According to figures supplied by the state library association, Opelousas Public Library’s budget is in such dire straits that even if its per capita funding of $3.52 were doubled, the library would still be the worst funded in the state.

    Opelousas Public Library Director Walter Stubbs said unless something is done before the new budget year begins Jan. 1, the mandated increase in the federal minimum wage means he is … Read the rest

  • Tough cuts ahead for West County (CA) schools

    The rejection of a recent tax may force the West Contra Costa School District to cut several positions, including those of school library workers.

    The Measure G parcel tax would have brought $14 million to the West Contra Costa school district annually. The current parcel tax, which brings $10 million to the district, expires in June 2009, leaving the school board desperate to carve those millions from an already … Read the rest

  • East Valley (WA) board adopts budget; Library staff, security among cuts

    East Valley High School’s new budget calls for the elimination of two librarian positions left vacant through attrition.

    Under a budget recovery plan, one elementary librarian position and another middle school librarian position were cut. Remaining district librarians will cover schools on a rotation basis. High school security staff was cut by 1.5 positions, reflecting one slot lost through attrition.

    Board member Roger Trainor cast the sole vote against the new … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Who Do You Know?

    We’ve all heard that career advancement often springs from “who you know, not what you know.” Today, web users are declaring “who they know,” and they want everyone to see. Online social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook and Friendster, and professional networking sites like Linkedin.com, allow users to tell the world everything about themselves, from their hobbies to their education levels to a listing of their personal connections.

    Though the developers of these sites … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Cultural Mirror or Traditional Standards

    How Should Libraries Regulate Tattoos, Piercing and Other Creative Body Expressions?

    The tattooed librarian, arguably, has become a new cliché. To beat back the specter of the spectacled Marian, many library workers have consciously adopted appearances that defy “meek and mild” stereotypes. But whatever the reason an individual chooses a tattoo, tattooing is part of a growing trend that includes other forms of body modification as well as non-traditional hair styles.

    In her January 2007 Library WorklifeRead the rest


  • Terry Collins – Mentor & Recruiter

    An informal survey taken on the “Emerging Leaders” blog (2/28/07) posed the question, “How did you become interested in the library profession?” Significantly, most of the 19 respondents mentioned volunteering or working in a library as a student.  My own enjoyable experience working as a library page during high school informed my decision to join the profession. As many of the survey respondents did, I, too, pursued different career choices early in my life, but I thankfully … Read the rest



  • Everything’s New, Not Just My Job!

    You’ve got the job, you’ve moved and you’re spending long hours learning new responsibilities and the workplace culture. Whether it’s your first job out of library school or a promotion that requires you to supervise a department or direct a library, you might feel you have to devote all your time and energy to your new job. Being in a new location can be so disorienting that it’s tempting to throw yourself into work and leave adjusting … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Family and Medical Leave

    Employers Want “Administrative Complexities” Addressed before Congress Considers Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

    A new report from the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) outlines several complaints voiced by employers concerning the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). For example, many employers claim that FMLA’s definition of “serious health condition” allows employees to abuse medical leave.

    The group that spearheaded the FMLA’s passage in 1993 argues that the USDOL report is a “compilation of opinions and anecdotes” rather … Read the rest