Volume 2, No. 6• June 2005


  • Maurice Freedman and Dorothy Morgan win Dynix-ALA-APA Award for Promoting Salaries and Status for Library Workers

    The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) is pleased to announce Maurice Freedman and Dorothy Morgan are the winners of the first Dynix-ALA-APA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Salaries and Status for Library Workers. The award is given to an individual, group of individuals, or institution that have made an outstanding contribution to improving the salary and status of library workers in a local, regional, or national setting.

    Freedman was chosen for raising awareness of salary inequities within librarianship … Read the rest

  • Meet the Librarian for Libraries – Karen Muller!

    Karen Muller is “Librarian and Knowledge Management Specialist” at the American Library Association. Usually, she introduces herself as “Librarian,” delighting that it is the shortest job title at ALA. And it surely beats her prior title, “Executive Director of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) and Executive Director of the Library Administration and Management Association, divisions of the American Library Association.” Karen has been at ALA eighteen years, the last four … Read the rest


  • Districts’ and Teachers’ Unions Sue over Bush Law


    Opening a new front in the growing rebellion against President Bush’s signature education law, the nation’s largest teachers’ union and eight school districts in Michigan, Texas and Vermont have sued the Department of Education, accusing it of violating a passage in the law that says states cannot be forced to spend their own money to meet federal requirements. Some legal scholars said that the union, the National Education … Read the rest

  • HBCU Library Alliance Leadership Institute is Scheduled to Begin: Pilot Institute Set for June

    The HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Library Alliance Leadership Program, funded by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, has been scheduled. The primary objective of the Leadership Program is to provide theoretical and practical instruction and useful resources to encourage the development of leadership skills within the HBCU library community and on their own campuses. The Leadership Program consists of seven components: The Pilot Institute, Institute I, Institute II, an exchange between HBCUs and non-HBCUs, fellowships … Read the rest

  • Focus Groups at Conference: What Can the ALA-APA Do for Me?

    Have you found yourself asking, “What can the ALA-Allied Professional Association do for me?  I work in a (fill-in-the-blank) library and there’s nothing than can be done about my salary!”

    Find out if your assumptions are valid by attending a focus group at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago in June. ALA-APA may already be doing something for you, but you are invited to make suggestions for how ALA-APA can serve you better. There are two opportunities to voice your … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • How to Prepare for a Performance Evaluation

    Document Your Achievements

    Performance evaluations can be uncomfortable for employees and employers alike. But, as an employee, you can head off that anxiety by forming your own agenda for the meeting. Arm yourself with a portfolio of your accomplishments and you may feel more in control than you expected. Here are some steps to take before the big event.

    I. Find out how, when, by whom, and on what you will be evaluated.

    Of course, your first … Read the rest

  • Professional Associations . . . Moving Past Membership into Involvement

    The definition of a professional or professionals includes – stated rather obviously – someone who belongs to a profession or those who are members of a profession. Professionals are those committed to ongoing learning, continuing education or professional development about their chosen profession. Basic elements of professionalism include: philosophy; a body of knowledge; guidelines of behavior; admission requirements (education, experience and/or continuing education, special skills sets, etc.); leadership (writers, doers, role models and those active in service … Read the rest

  • Volunteer Editors and Columnists Wanted!

    ALA-APA is seeking volunteer editors and regular columnists for Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today’s Leaders. This electronic publication reaches thousands of libraries and library workers each month, delivering high quality content in the following areas:

    • Career Advancement
    • Certification
    • HR Law & Regulation
    • HR Practice
    • Recruitment
    • Salaries & Pay Equity
    • Spotlight
    • Statistics
    • Support Staff
    • Maintaining the Work/Life Balance

    Volunteer editors would be expected to secure a minimum of four and maximum of six manuscripts/articles for only one category of the … Read the rest

  • What Else You Can Do with a Library Degree?

    By Christine Martin

    Apologies to Betty-Carol Sellen, editor of 1997 book of same name.

    With library salaries in the cellar, it pays-literally and figuratively-to look around for non-library employers who value a librarian’s skills. Old standbys, of course, are vendors that sell products to librarians and private-sector organizations such as newspapers, law firms, and other corporations that may have an in-house library. But have you considered:

    1. Working for a trade association. Some trade associations have traditional libraries, even those that
    Read the rest

HR Practice

  • The Importance of Knowledge Management Today

    With so many employees in libraries today approaching retirement age, many libraries are becoming concerned about the knowledge gap that will exist between the retirees and the new employees who fill the positions. Most of the baby boomers that are approaching retirement have been loyal to their place of work and more than likely have been employed by the same library for many years. Over this span of time they … Read the rest


  • Librarian Salary Survey

    Your library may have received an invitation to participate in the 2005 Librarian Salary Survey. If so, The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) needs your help. Please complete the survey to help us provide information to the library community. ALA has collected and published similar information since 1982. Beginning with the 2005 survey, it is being coordinated by the ALA-APA as part of its mission of “improving the salaries and status of library workers.” ALA-APA continues to work in … Read the rest


Support Staff

  • Membership as a Staff Development Initiative

    Support staff have significant opportunities for professional development through membership in library associations. Membership has traditionally been a way to make essential connections that benefit one’s work and personal life. However, many support staff do not consider association membership as a regular part of their career development. With encouragement from progressive directors and department heads, support staff can begin to see association membership as a vital, natural component of their … Read the rest


  • The Martial Art Librarian: Tai Chi as a Metaphor for Librarianship


    Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art that follows a philosophy of Ying and Yang and is attuned to the flow, focus, and harmony of opposing principles pictorially represented by the black and white Tai Chi symbol. The state of mind and physical principles of this ancient martial art can also serve as a metaphor for … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Summer Parties: Plan Wisely to Avoid Liability

    Originally published by the Management Association of Illinois, April 22, 2005

    As the weather turns warmer, many employers plan special events for staff ranging from ordering sandwiches/pizza to a full-day picnic event on the weekend, including food, beverages, and activities for employees and family members. While such social outings are a nice break from the regular routine and can boost morale, employers need to be aware of legal issues that could arise and … Read the rest