Volume 2, No. 10 • October 2005


  • Good News!

    Burlington, Vermont Library Workers Reclassified

    The staff of the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington, Vermont is celebrating the successful conclusion of a three-year fight to have many positions reclassified and adjusted for parity with other city workers. The Fletcher Free is Burlington’s public library and is funded primarily with property taxes in Vermont’s largest city, which has a population of 39,000.

    Twenty out of twenty-three library employees had their positions reclassified. Two of the three positions that … Read the rest

  • Spotlight on the Dynix – ALA-APA Award for Outstanding Promotion of the Salaries and Status of Library Workers

    Dynix  AwardThis year, two people were chosen by the jury to receive the first award. Maurice J. “Mitch” Freedman recently retired from his position as director of the Westchester Library System (N.Y.) and is former ALA President (2001-2002). Dorothy Morgan is a business manager at the Liverpool Public Library (N.Y.) and former president of the ALA Library Support Staff Interest Round Table (LSSIRT, 2000-2001). We thought they deserved more space than we gave them in the coverage of the award in … Read the rest


  • “Desk Set” Star Dina Merrill to Appear in Librarian Documentary

    MADISON, WI – The producers of the “The Hollywood Librarian: Librarians in Cinema and Society” announced today that Dina Merrill has agreed to be interviewed for the documentary about librarians.

    The actress, now vice chairman of RKO Pictures, starred as “Sylvia Blair” in one of Hollywood’s more positive portrayals of librarians, together with Katharine Hepburn, Joan Blondell and Sue Randall. “Desk Set,” released in 1957, was Ms. Merrill’s film debut vehicle after nearly 10 years on Broadway. In the movie, … Read the rest

  • Librarian Extreme Makeover

    ABC’s television show, Extreme Makeover, is looking for a variety of candidates to be featured and given the opportunity of a lifetime. Among the stories they are seeking? A cancer survivor or a librarian between 21 and 40 years of age. These two categories are listed on the same line. Divorcees, small town girls, and prosthesis owners have their own paragraph descriptions.

    http://abc.go.com/primetime/extrememakeover/casting.html Read the rest

  • Maurice J. Freedman, Director of the Westchester (NY) Library System, Retires

    Maurice “Mitch” Freedman retired August 31st, after 23 years as Director of the Westchester Library System. Mitch’s prolific career has been chronicled and celebrated both locally and nationally. And it’s not over – Mitch will continue to speak and consult, as well as hone his skills as a photographer. He’s already had an exhibit of his work! Mitch will also work on his publishing company, the U*N*A*B*A*S*H*E*D Librarian. On August 8th, Barbara Livingston Nackman of the Journal News, the paper … Read the rest

  • ALA-APA Needs an Extreme Makeover – For Its Name!

    CHICAGO – The American Library Association -Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) is in search of a new name. The American Library Association established the ALA-APA in 2002 to advocate for the status and to better the salaries for library workers, and to offer certifications for library staff in specialized fields. With all the challenges ALA-APA faces in improving the status and educational qualifications of library workers, the association is in need of a name that reflects its mission.

    “Awareness of the … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Going Beyond Motivation to Increase Employee Satisfaction

    For years, without much scientific proof, many people bought into the notion that chicken soup was a good remedy for the common cold. At the same time there were also many people who held the belief that there was a therapeutic benefit in the development of children if they were physically held in their first months of birth. Well, as we all know modern science has gone on to prove that those old ‘wives tales’ are in … Read the rest


HR Practice

  • The Art of the Job Description

    I’m not sure when I began to “study” job descriptions but I distinctly remember pouring over the job descriptions attached to job ads posted in our placement center in library school. My approach was to try to assess what they were “telling me” – the job applicant – about the job, the library and the community. I was captivated by a small public library ad and job description from west Texas that included in the description the … Read the rest


  • Chapter Two

    Librarianship as a Second Career

    The gold watch, our cultural symbol for decades of service to one company, has become a piece of nostalgia. We may know someone who has one or may have seen one (or used one), but it’s doubtful that anyone will get one again, ever. We currently live in an economy that has created detours in many career paths, such as layoffs, outsourcing, relocation, or job obsolescence. Some of these detours we make … Read the rest


  • Get Paid What You’re Worth

    [Editor’s Note: The Salaries articles from this month and last are by the presenters of a program on negotiating salaries during the 2005 ALA Annual Conference. Each author presents valuable strategies that will help you raise our salaries individually and collectively.]

    Congratulations! You feel like you just won the lottery – the new job you always wanted with a salary that exceeds what you hoped for. What? You’re not happy with the salary? What happened during the … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • Sad News

    Library Mosaics, the Magazine for Support Staff, Will Cease Publication after the November/December 2005 Issue

    It’s true, it’s not a rumor. Right there on the second page of the September/October 2005 issue of Library Mosaics is the “Notice to Our Readers” from Raymond Roney, who has published this magazine dedicated to support staff issues for sixteen years. Raymond made the difficult decision, citing “decreased circulation, diminished advertising revenue, and rising paper and postage costs.” Raymond began the magazine, responding to … Read the rest


  • Worklife Questions for You

    The writers of Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today’s Leaders are interested in your answers to these questions for upcoming articles:

    1. How do balance your work and school schedules and responsibilities?
    2. What are the benefits of having and/or being a mentor?
    3. What is/was your favorite second job?
    4. What strange things do you keep in your desk drawers?

    We are also inviting authors for this section of the newsletter. Contact jgrady@ala.org if you are interested.… Read the rest

HR Law

  • How Well Are You Safeguarding Your Employees’ Personal Data?

    New Federal Rule on Disposal Took Effect June 1, 2005

    In February, Choice Point, an Atlanta-based data broker, disclosed that identity thieves had stolen personal information on 145,000 consumers nationwide. In September, the University of Georgia reported that an overseas hacker had accessed the social security numbers of approximately 1600 employees working for its College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

    Now a new federal rule requires businesses that compile or maintain personal data based on consumer reports, … Read the rest