Volume 15, No. 3 • March 2018


  • No One Ever Told Me My Job Would Include… Dealing with a Korean Missile Alert!

    By Michelle A. Moore

    The Hawaii State Library System has mandatory employee training on workplace violence and safety because, let’s face it, things happen. The premise is to make us more aware and prepared to effectively manage a crisis.

    Hawaii libraries have been closed for hurricanes, tsunami’s, and even volcano activity, but no ever told me my job would include handling a false ballistic missile alert. This unexpected event occurred on January 13, 2018, approximately one hour before the library Read the rest


  • Remember National Library Workers Day (NLWD) and Equal Pay Day Coming

    In the February issue of Library Worklife we mentioned the fact that once every few years the dates for National Library Workers Day (NLWD) and Equal Pay Day coincide with one another.  This is one of those years. Both will be held on April 10, 2018.  We are encouraging individuals, groups, and libraries to celebrate both days together. Library organizations are encouraged to host celebrations and submit names of stars to honor great workers, teams or departments by visiting the Read the rest

  • Resources on Sexual Harassment Available as We Recognize National Women’s History Month

    As the #MeToo movement continues to expand, libraries have been asking for resources to help address concerns of their staff.  In response to these requests, a website with a variety of resources on sexual harassment has been posted on the ALA website. Included on the site are tips on What to Do If You Feel You Have Been Subjected to Sexual Harassment, resources from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), articles related to sexual harassment in libraries as well Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Career Questions from Your Fellow Library Professionals at ALA Midwinter, 2018

    By Caitlin Williams, Ph.D.

    During the recent ALA 2018 Midwinter Meeting in Denver, Colorado several questions arose during the counseling sessions which were conducted in the ALA JobLIST Placement & Career Development Center. In this brief video chat, Caitlin Williams discusses these questions along with responses for how to handle each situation mentioned. She also includes a resource list for additional reading.

    Resources for You

    • About Careers website (especially The Doyle Report by Alison Doyle): www.thebalance.com/your-career-4072979
    • Anderson, Davis and
    Read the rest

HR Practice

  • 6 Keys to Turning an Employee into a Manager

    Wouldn’t it be great if every time you needed a new manager, you could fill the position with someone who was already in your employ? How much time, money and energy would this save you? However, the author of this article says that you shouldn’t just place any employee, even a high performing one, in a manager’s role and expect them to succeed if they have not been prepared. Employees need to be groomed and trained to be successful managers.  … Read the rest


  • Ways to Relax Before Bedtime and Improve Sleep

    Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to be going non-stop, full-speed ahead with no time for breaks or even lunch?  Are there days when you leave work and even then, things don’t seem to slow down?  Days like this make it hard to shut down at the end of the day. You might find that it can be difficult to fall asleep if you haven’t prepared your body and mind for this transition. If you … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Department of Labor Launches Wage Violation Self-Reporting Program

    The Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced the launching of a nationwide pilot program that encourages employers to audit their own pay practices and self-report any Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations they find.  The new program, the Payroll Audit Independent Determination (PAID) program, is intended to facilitate resolutions of potential overtime and minimum wage violations. The DOL said that the program’s primary objectives are to resolve claims expeditiously and without litigation, Read the rest

  • Managing the Legal Way: 4 Lessons from the Courts

    Are you curious about the proper way to handle various topics related to employment law? If you said yes, then read on. This article provides brief details on four court cases which exemplify core concepts—and traps to watch out for—in employment law. Key take-aways include the suggestions that managers avoid comments or questions about employee doctor visits, that managers focus on employee actions, not feelings when it comes to disciplining employees, that managers not encourage or allow employees to work … Read the rest