Volume 14, No. 3 • March 2017


  • Hey New Technical Services Librarian – Get Out of the Basement!

    By Jessica Spooner

    What is a technical services librarian?  What do we do? Don’t we, as librarians, just read books all day? Where is the technicality in that?

    I am sure many of us have pondered that before entering this field.  Now we all know that the technical service librarians are usually hidden away, preferably in the basement. We are doing jobs that no one ever thinks about.  We are ordering, processing, classifying, cataloging and preparing the books to go Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • 7 Topics Everyone Should Avoid Discussing at Work

    Gossip-worthy stuff happens at work all the time. There is a rumor that someone is getting fired, or two co-workers are having an affair. How can you not stand around and talk about these things? But career success involves managing the image that you present at work. The author of this article suggests that if you want to be viewed in a professional light, you must give some thought to the way you are perceived. Being known as someone who Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Immigration Policies May Have Chilling Effect on Workplace Rights

    The new administration’s immigration policy might silence undocumented workers who witness but won’t report workplace violations out of fear of being deported, according to Bloomberg BNA.  Shannon Lederer, director of immigration policy at the AFL-CIO, reportedly told Bloomberg that, “We’re going to see rampant exploitation if workers feel it’s too risky to bring a claim.  The most exploited workers are also going to feel like they have a target sign on their back.”  Employers will need to be Read the rest


  • Minimum Wage Update

    Battles over minimum wage continue. Wage hikes were approved in states and municipalities across the country last year. The National Employment Law Project reported that 25 states and jurisdictions approved raises for 11.8 million U.S. workers last year. Most wage increases will be phased in from current levels to increments of $10, $12 and $15 between 2017 and 2021. However, most of the movement on wage has been at the local level. According to HRDIVE, there have been two Read the rest


  • Gaining Insight from a Life-Altering Event

    It should not take a near-death or real death experience (as in the case of this article’s author) for us to pay attention to the people and things that matter most to us.  However, it usually takes some catastrophic event to make us slow down and appreciate life.  Often, we don’t stop to “smell the roses” until we are forced to do so. The author of this article shares the invaluable lessons he learned because of an incident where he Read the rest

HR Law

  • Age Discrimination Could Land You in Hot Water and Cost Millions

    Efforts to reduce costs often have many employers tempted to eliminate older workers. After-all, they are usually the ones who have been with the organization the longest and probably have the highest costs associated with their employment status (i.e. higher wages, higher health care costs, higher benefit costs, etc.). You might be thinking, surely today’s employers are smarter than that. However, a recent study showed that older workers experience discrimination more often, even in the hiring process. The report indicated Read the rest