Volume 12, No. 3 • March 2015


Career Advancement

  • Peer Problems: Workplace Advice from the Experts

    Do you find it frustrating to interact with some colleagues?  Do you wonder whether people take secret pleasure in driving you crazy? Does it sometimes feel like a coworker is deliberately going the extra mile just to make your job more difficult?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you might want to download this free ebook.  It presents actual workplace challenges with practical advice for how to handle each situation.… Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Top 10 Interview Mistakes from Both Sides of the Desk

    Conducting interviews is not a perfect process—despite the mountains of advice you may find online—it usually results in disastrous mistakes on both sides of the desk.  This Business Management Daily article describes mistakes that an interviewee typically makes as well as those that interviewers often make.… Read the rest



  • Getting More Sleep Linked to Higher Well-Being

    According to recent Gallup research, Americans who report that they usually get more hours of sleep per night have higher overall well-being than those who typically get fewer hours of sleep. Getting more hours of sleep is positively associated with having higher well-being.

    The research suggests that not getting enough sleep is not only linked to lower well-being for individuals, but it is also costly to the U.S. economy.  Employees may not have enough time to sleep because of … Read the rest

HR Law