Volume 11, No. 12 • December 2014


  • The How and Why of Writing Book Reviews

    By Megan Hodge

    Are you intrigued by the mysterious world of book reviewing? After all, they’re an easy way to get your name in print and pump up your resume. Writing reviews—which are never more than a couple of pages and usually much shorter—is a good way to develop and hone your writing skills for more demanding formats (such as peer-reviewed articles). By the act of evaluating a book on its merits and deciding which audiences it would be appropriate … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • When Talking About Bias Backfires

    After reviewing results of several studies, authors of this NY Times article conclude that in order to break down the barriers that hold women back, it is not enough to spread awareness.  If we don’t reinforce the idea that people need — and want — to overcome their biases, we give the impression that biases are acceptable.  We end up silently condoning the status quo.

     … Read the rest


  • Employers and job seekers can connect in ALA JobLIST Placement Center

    The key to effective recruiting lies in knowing where to find your target audience.  If you’re looking for the most qualified library and the information professionals, then the best place to find them is in the ALA JobLIST Placement Center at the ALA 2015 Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, January 30 – February 3, 2015.

    We expect nearly 10,000 people to attend the ALA Midwinter Meeting.  Employers can take advantage of this opportunity to talk with a national pool of candidates … Read the rest


  • Get Organized!

    Author and speaker, Valerie Burton explains in her blog post that being organized is a fundamental skill that makes it easier to live, work and play successfully.  Even if you feel that you don’t have time to get organized, you’ll discover that not being organized is costing you more than you may think in time, money and energy.  She lays out five steps to get us on the road to living an organized life.… Read the rest

HR Law

LW Tip


  • Unions Rethink Strategy After Election Losses

    Unions suffered losses at all levels of government following the recent elections.  The author of this Governing.com article suggests that unions will have less impact now in states where issues such as pension cuts and charter schools and voucher expansions are expected to be a prominent part of the debate. Labor’s declining membership — along with open attacks on collective bargaining and other labor rights launched by some politicians — makes it difficult for unions to maintain their traditional clout.  … Read the rest