Volume 1, No. 11 • October 2004


  • Moving the Cheese

    The Critical Approach to Thinking about Change

    A talk presented at the 2004 ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla., at the Office for Diversity-sponsored program, “New Voices, New Visions: New Leaders Speak on the Future of Libraries and Librarianship.”

    Rivers and Struggles

    Many people think of change as being a natural force, like a river or stream that flows where it is going to flow regardless of what we do. By this way of looking at it, … Read the rest


  • Balancing the Books

    A plunge in state funding for UC Berkeley’s library could jeopardize its top-notch standing, after two years of heavy cuts has lead to tight staffing, shorter reference hours and slower service.

    Assistants are up to their necks in unshelved books, and fewer staff members are available to assist students in navigating library resources.

    The library’s operating budget was slashed $1.4 million this year, leaving the budgeted $4 million behind its funding level two years ago.

    “We’ve had … Read the rest

  • Maine Libraries May be Affected by Proposed Tax Cap

    The Maine Library Association affirms the importance of meaningful property tax reform. The Maine Taxpayers’ Action Network resolution, also known as the Palesky Proposal tax cap measure, appearing on the November 2004 ballot, would have numerous unintended consequences, including the devastation and even elimination of many publicly funded local Maine libraries. The Maine Library Association vigorously opposes its passage.… Read the rest

  • Conference Funding Opportunities

    Searching for funding to attend a conference? Start now. It may take a bit of sleuthing and time to find travel funds. Try a variety of keywords, as well, if you’re searching through books or databases of grants, such as professional development, conference, continuing education, etc. and funding, grant, scholarship, funding, etc. Here are four sources of funding, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Ask your state and local library associations if they supply funding for state or … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • How Mentoring in the Library Profession May Help You

    Mentoring is usually thought of as an older, seasoned worker helping a new worker to learn the ropes. The term comes from a story in Greek mythology: Telemachus, the timid son of Odysseus, was assigned a guide to help him through difficult times. The guide’s name was Mentor, and could appear in human form or in the form of the Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The concept stated to receive increased attention in the American business world … Read the rest


  • A Public Library Administration Program That Works

    The recent PLA and ALA-APA discussions regarding the need for quality continuing education in the area of public library administration and management has generated considerable interest throughout the profession and unearthed at least one post-MLS management program that has proven successful over a period of time. This Public Library Administration Certificate Program, offered by the Palmer School of Library and Information Science of Long Island University (palmer@cwpost.liu.edu), is the result of an eight-year effort by … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • The Case for Job Descriptions

    Imagine yourself , set to build your dream house; the chance of a lifetime, coming true! Whatever you design, it will be built! In a terrible hurry, you bring in Acme Contractors, the first listing in the phone book, and show them your lot. They ask, “What do you have in mind?” Your not-so-well-thought-out answer, “Four walls and a roof.” And throw in some plumbing for good measure.” With instructions like … Read the rest


  • ALA Library Career Recruitment Forum

    Looking for Fresh Ideas to Recruit New People to Library Careers?

    Come to the ALA Library Career Recruitment Forum on January 14, 2005, at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Boston!

    Everyone is talking about recruitment. How will the library profession replace the retiring leadership and welcome the next generation? The Forum will provide a day of sharing, new ideas, practical information, and enthusiasm. The goal of the Forum is to build on best practices and inspire new library career recruitment … Read the rest


Support Staff

  • Library Support Staff and Diversity

    “Diversity is a fundamental value of the Association and its members, and is reflected in its commitment to recruiting people of color and people with disabilities to the profession and to the promotion and development of library collections and services for all people.”—ALA’s Five Key Action Areas1

    The American Library Association designated diversity and the recruitment of a diverse workforce as a key action area in 1997. At that time, diversity became one of five … Read the rest


  • Going That Extra Mile

    Mickey Burns taught a large group of Ohio Library Support Staff Institute (OLSSI) participants what it means to go that extra mile in their work. He declared, “If you’re working for 5 p.m., find another job. Get happy or get gone!” He proceeded to tell us how to do figure out if we can get happy where we are or whether we need to get out. Not surprising to him, many of us have the resources to … Read the rest