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A Positive Outlook May Be Good for Your Health

Are you a generally optimistic person? Do you try to find the good in most situations? If you responded yes to these questions, then you may find yourself in better health than those who said no. This article cites several studies which suggest that having a positive outlook may improve your health and could actually extend your life. It can be particularly beneficial for those who may be facing serious health challenges. If you’re not one of those people who Read the rest

Gaining Insight from a Life-Altering Event

It should not take a near-death or real death experience (as in the case of this article’s author) for us to pay attention to the people and things that matter most to us.  However, it usually takes some catastrophic event to make us slow down and appreciate life.  Often, we don’t stop to “smell the roses” until we are forced to do so. The author of this article shares the invaluable lessons he learned because of an incident where he Read the rest

Conquering Negative Thinking

While many of us may think about bad experiences more often than positive ones, constant negative thinking can get in the way of happiness, add to our stress and worry level and ultimately damage our health. This article offers practical steps to take in order to conquer negative thinking. Included is the suggestion to not try to stop them. This article also explains how acknowledging your negative cycle of thinking and accepting it puts you on the road to overcoming Read the rest

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress This Year

If you find yourself slipping into a pattern of constant complaining, you may be inadvertently adding to your stress level. The author of this article suggests that if you can focus more on minimizing your complaining and maximizing your gratitude and excitement about life, you will likely feel a difference in your stress levels. As a result, you may experience more happiness and your overall satisfaction with life might improve. The author offers six easy things to do when you Read the rest

Want to Be Happier? Ask Yourself One Question Every Morning

Do you start each day thinking about all the work you have to do? Or do you start with prayer/meditation? Do you think about the things that make you happy? The author of this article suggests that we consider how we look at the world. Whether you view your world as good or bad impacts your attitude as you go about your day. The author says that by starting your day with a conscious decision to believe that the world Read the rest

Finding Healthy Balance in Your Life

Many studies suggest that when workers live in a way that allows them to balance the many facets of life—work, home, church, family responsibilities, relationships, other activities—in a healthy manner, they are generally happy, more productive, they take fewer sick days, and are more likely to stay in their jobs. When it becomes too difficult to find a healthy balance, many people become overwhelmed with stress.  Stress can weaken our immune systems and make us susceptible to a variety of Read the rest

Could You Be Suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Some people experience a serious mood change during the winter months, when there is less natural sunlight. This condition is called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. SAD is a type of depression. It usually lifts during spring and summer.  If you notice yourself feeling “down” or “blue” during the winter months, you could be suffering with SAD. According to Dr. Tahir Sheikh, a psychiatrist at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, Downers Grove, Ill., 20 percent of Americans suffer Read the rest

54 Ways to Remain Happy and Healthy Despite Your Busy Lifestyle

According to one study, a large number of people consider themselves to be pretty happy. It turns out that little things can make a big difference in determining if you are happy and healthy both physically and mentally. In this article, the author lists 54 simple things you can do on a daily basis to contribute to your “happy-levels.” She says that if you can start with 10 things that are easy for you to do through your Read the rest

Are You a Work Martyr?

Summer is officially over. Did you go anywhere or do anything fun over the summer?  Did you spend time with family and friends at the beach? Did you take any time off from work to relax at all? If you answered no to most of these questions, you may be a work martyr. In explaining that there are countless benefits to having time off— including stronger workplace morale, increased employee productivity, and health benefits— the author of this article believes Read the rest

Stop Asking Yourself “What’s My Passion?”

Are you tired of asking yourself, “What is my passion?” If you find this a difficult question to answer, you’re not alone. The author of this article says that trying to answer this question could be paralyzing for some people. She suggests that you ask yourself three alternative questions that are a little simpler to answer and a lot more helpful if you’re trying to figure out what to do with your life, your career, or just your next job. Read the rest