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Getting More Sleep Linked to Higher Well-Being

According to recent Gallup research, Americans who report that they usually get more hours of sleep per night have higher overall well-being than those who typically get fewer hours of sleep. Getting more hours of sleep is positively associated with having higher well-being.

The research suggests that not getting enough sleep is not only linked to lower well-being for individuals, but it is also costly to the U.S. economy.  Employees may not have enough time to sleep because of … Read the rest

Life Changes to Make You Happier and More Productive at Work

There are some people in the world who are doing exactly what they want for work and enjoying every minute.  However, most people fall somewhere in between hating every minute of every working day and feeling that things at work are pretty good but could be better.  The author of this Undercover Recruiter article offers advice which if followed, could contribute enormously to improving your experience at work.  It might also help you to be a happier employee and … Read the rest

Top Ten Ways to Start (and Maintain) a Good New Year?

With the start of a new year, it is tempting to make grand New Year’s resolutions.  However, we often forget about them within a short period of time and then feel disappointed with ourselves.  Marshall Brown & Associates suggests that the key to maintaining promises you make to yourself is to take one day at a time—to let the good days accumulate, one by one.… Read the rest

Get Organized!

Author and speaker, Valerie Burton explains in her blog post that being organized is a fundamental skill that makes it easier to live, work and play successfully.  Even if you feel that you don’t have time to get organized, you’ll discover that not being organized is costing you more than you may think in time, money and energy.  She lays out five steps to get us on the road to living an organized life.… Read the rest

Answering Emails After Work Is Bad For Your Health

Our need to instantly respond to email before and after work could result in poor sleep, higher levels of burnout and more health-related absences from work. Suggestions for how to make ourselves a little less stressed when it comes to email are offered.… Read the rest

How Companies Can Help Workers with Their Mental Health

World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10th each year.  The overall objective is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world while mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. This year, Marketplace took the opportunity to check in on mental health in the workplace.  They show how much employers can save by investing in mental health programs.… Read the rest

Finding Happiness At Work, All By Yourself

Sometimes at work it can be easy to look at our peers and colleagues and try to measure ourselves against their successes and accomplishments. This can result in our being unhappy at work based on things outside of ourselves. The author suggests that we remember why we decided to go into the field of work that we did; that we think about what we love most about our work. This allows each of us to “be in charge” of … Read the rest

Advice on Letting Go of Each Day’s Burdens

Citing Ralph Waldo Emerson’s counsel to “Finish each day and be done with it,” motivational speaker Valorie Burton offers helpful advice on leaving work at work, clearing the mind to focus on the present and ending your day on purpose.… Read the rest

Breaking the Cycle of Stress

Too often, stressful days at work can lead to lack of perspective, sleepless nights, rushed “working” lunches and a cluttered work environment. These reactions to stress, though natural, lead to further stress. Careerealism offers advice on breaking the stress cycle.… Read the rest

Resources for Working Families

Since the June 23 White House Summit on Working Families, the Women’s Bureau has introduced new resources to help working women. Among them is an online portal that connects women at any career stage with relevant tools, data, resources and publications developed by the department. Another is an online map that provides federal- and state-level statutory information on employment protections against pregnancy discrimination and for nursing mothers, as well as contact information for related state government offices.

Visit the Read the rest