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What Will You Do Differently Next Time?

We may have our time planned exactly the way we want so that we can be effective and efficient in accomplishing our goals. Then out of the blue… here comes what feels like a thousand demands for our time. When we find ourselves bombarded with requests from supervisors, co-workers, even those in other departments, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.  This often leads to distraction. We can get distracted by all the thoughts running through our minds (i.e. how Read the rest

5 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Workload

By Beatrice Calvin

If you have times when you feel overwhelmed by your workload, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone feels overwhelmed at some point. But it’s how you handle your feelings that can make all the difference. The author of this article offers suggestions of practical ways (i.e. healthy self-talk, examining your assumptions, tracking your time, changing some behaviors, etc.) to handle your feelings which, ultimately could lead to your having a greater sense of control.

However, if you find Read the rest

Fireproof Your Life: How to Recognize Burnout and Escape Your Own Personal Inferno

Have you ever felt tired and exhausted and just ready to give up on work completely? Probably. Most of us who have been working for any number of years has felt this way. There have probably been times when the stress of our daily routines causes us to feel so exhausted that we must take a break—mental and physical. Even if it’s for just a few days to relax on a beach, a nice little break can be just the Read the rest

How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check at the Office

You can have your entire day of activities planned out so that you make the best use of your time, ensuring productivity and a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes though, you can have so many interruptions in your day that you start to feel unorganized and ineffective.  You’ll find that the best plans can get waylaid if you aren’t careful. Of course, if your boss comes to you with a project that must be handled ASAP, you probably can’t say, ‘No, … Read the rest

Take Time for Yourself with These 6 Self-Care Ideas

What do you do when work starts to pile up, or you have multiple projects at home and other volunteer responsibilities? How do you care for yourself so that you don’t feel burned-out?  The author of this article says that self-care should be a daily act that is part of your normal routine. The author suggests that you forget the images you may have seen in the media depicting people taking bubble baths or getting massages. She encourages us to Read the rest

3 Unconscious Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Time Off from Work  

Thanks to technology, it often feels as though it is impossible to disengage from our typical work tasks. Even when we’re supposed to be on vacation, we continue to do things such as respond to email and check phone messages. The author of this article suggests that sometimes we do things that causes us to sabotage our time off. He offers suggestions to make it easier for us to disconnect from work and avoid ruining our time away. If you … Read the rest

Saying No Makes Time for What’s Important to You

How often have you been asked to take on a new project or to volunteer for a committee, and you really wanted to say no, but didn’t? What makes it so difficult for some of us to say no? Are you concerned about what others will think of you if you say no? Do you think you won’t be seen as a team player? Do you worry that they won’t ask you to be a part of another project in Read the rest

5 Things to Do to Improve Your Mental Health

By Beatrice Calvin

May is Mental Health Month, the perfect time to learn about successful employer practices to promote good mental health among employees and assist those who may have mental health conditions. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the Center for Workplace Mental Health, the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), and the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) are just a few organizations that offer a range of resources to help, including providing programs for use in the workplace Read the rest

Give Employees Time and Permission to be Well

Often, we spend a lot of time taking care of others—children, older parents, a sick spouse or partner. In doing so, we sometimes neglect our own well-being. When employees don’t take the time to care for themselves, their productivity at work can be affected. This article suggests that employers do more to encourage employees to balance their work and personal lives in ways that make sense and help them be productive. The author states that if employers want to succeed Read the rest

Ways to Relax Before Bedtime and Improve Sleep

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to be going non-stop, full-speed ahead with no time for breaks or even lunch?  Are there days when you leave work and even then, things don’t seem to slow down?  Days like this make it hard to shut down at the end of the day. You might find that it can be difficult to fall asleep if you haven’t prepared your body and mind for this transition. If you … Read the rest