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5 Habits You Can Start Today to Improve Your Quality of Life

If you are like most people, you’re bombarded with distractions— e-mail, television, constant interruptions— from the time you start your day. If not handled properly, these distractions can become a source of stress. The author of this article suggests that when you do the things that are most important to you first, you free up energy for everything else on your list, reducing the possibility of your experiencing chronic stress. What you do the first 30 minutes you’re awake and Read the rest

What Are the Leading Causes of Stress for Americans?

New research found that discrimination is one of the leading causes of stress for Americans. Almost half of adults experienced major forms of discrimination such as being unfairly fired or denied a promotion. According to this article, other stress factors reported in the study include work, money, the economy, health concerns and family responsibilities. It seems that a large amount of stress can have a negative effect on your health.  In the article, Dr. Ahsan says it’s important to Read the rest

Helping Others May Keep You Healthy

This article suggests that you can improve both emotionally and physically from the effects of volunteering. You may find that you can benefit in ways you never imagined. Emotional benefits include higher self-esteem and a greater sense of well-being. Volunteering can also lead to less stress, less depression, and a lower risk of dementia. Physical benefits for people who volunteer may include lower blood pressure and a longer life. Keep in mind, however, your motive matters. You are more likely Read the rest

100 Stress Busters

According to this article, the World Health Organization (WHO) forecasts that stress will be the leading cause of physical disability in the world by 2020. That’s less than 5 years away! It is critical for us to learn how to effectively manage the stress that we experience. The author of this article lists some quick stress-busters that you can start using immediately!  They are practical and relatively easy to implement. You might want to print the list and post it Read the rest

7 Reasons Why You May Be MISERABLE at Work (And How You Can Fix It)

If you find yourself dreading the start of each work-week, there could be a reason. Before you consider quitting your job, you should first identity the problem.  It could be something that is easily fixable. The author of this article suggests some reasons why you might not be happy at work and provides some tips for finding joy once again.… Read the rest

From Wellness to Well-Being

Employers are taking a different approach to employee wellness programs these days. Many have decided to get rid of financial incentives and embrace the importance of emotional health. According to this article, it’s no longer just about health and benefits in silos, but about broader well-being, and that includes social connectedness, financial security, emotional health and job satisfaction. Companies are attempting to create cultures of well-being—not simply a bunch of exercise programs.… Read the rest

How to Avoid Being Your Own Worst Enemy

We may be sabotaging ourselves every day without even realizing it. There are some simple mistakes and behaviors that many of us may be employing that could be working against us. Luckily they are easy to change. The author of this article explains the mistakes we might be making that could be keeping us from reaching our full potential.… Read the rest

A Different Take on New Year’s Resolutions

Maybe this is the year to stop making New Year’s weight loss resolutions. The author of this article says that we need to be able to manage our weight and enjoy being active year-round. That requires gradual lifestyle change and adjustments in the way we think about our relationship with food. This starts with a shift in attitude. You might begin by thinking about ways to implement some of the suggestions that the author gives into your daily routine.… Read the rest

An Employer Asks about Getting a Handle on Work-Life Balance

Putting people in jobs that require them to be all things to all people is a roadmap for burnout. The author responds to this question by suggesting that employers first assess whether they have the right people in the right jobs. If you don’t, the situation can cause an unmanageable amount of stress—throwing work-life balance out of whack. The author suggests that in order to bring about balance, employers must start by relieving that pressure.… Read the rest

Let Your Presence Be a Present

By Beatrice Calvin

A Reason…A Season…A Lifetime

“Some people come into our lives for a specific reason.  Some come for a season.  Some come for a life time.” (Unknown)

This is the time of year when many people celebrate with holiday cheer, exchanging wishes for a wonderful season and a happy new year.  It is also a time when many of us become stressed because we get pulled in so many different directions. We are stretched when we try to Read the rest