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How to Avoid Being Your Own Worst Enemy

We may be sabotaging ourselves every day without even realizing it. There are some simple mistakes and behaviors that many of us may be employing that could be working against us. Luckily they are easy to change. The author of this article explains the mistakes we might be making that could be keeping us from reaching our full potential.… Read the rest

A Different Take on New Year’s Resolutions

Maybe this is the year to stop making New Year’s weight loss resolutions. The author of this article says that we need to be able to manage our weight and enjoy being active year-round. That requires gradual lifestyle change and adjustments in the way we think about our relationship with food. This starts with a shift in attitude. You might begin by thinking about ways to implement some of the suggestions that the author gives into your daily routine.… Read the rest

An Employer Asks about Getting a Handle on Work-Life Balance

Putting people in jobs that require them to be all things to all people is a roadmap for burnout. The author responds to this question by suggesting that employers first assess whether they have the right people in the right jobs. If you don’t, the situation can cause an unmanageable amount of stress—throwing work-life balance out of whack. The author suggests that in order to bring about balance, employers must start by relieving that pressure.… Read the rest

Let Your Presence Be a Present

By Beatrice Calvin

A Reason…A Season…A Lifetime

“Some people come into our lives for a specific reason.  Some come for a season.  Some come for a life time.” (Unknown)

This is the time of year when many people celebrate with holiday cheer, exchanging wishes for a wonderful season and a happy new year.  It is also a time when many of us become stressed because we get pulled in so many different directions. We are stretched when we try to Read the rest

Balance Your Work and Life with Small Changes

Having a family is hard, but people make it work. The author of this article says it was one of the hardest adjustments he ever had to make. It required that he make smart, strategic, purposeful decisions to balance life, family, and work. He offers suggestions that you may be able to employ in order achieve a semblance of balance if you face similar circumstances. The author says that some things may never be perfect and you should understand that Read the rest

Why You Don’t Want What You Wanted

Do you really know what will make you happy?  Many times we believe that if we just had a particular job or that special house or the perfect relationship, we’d be happy.  But often, once we get what we thought we wanted, the reality of what is required to have it and keep it sets in.  The author of this article encourages us to really think about what will make us happy now, and then consider what changes we may Read the rest

Rude Behavior in the Office Is Contagious

According to health enews, researchers found that dealing with rude co-workers on a regular basis not only creates a toxic environment, but their uncivil behavior can be contagious and spread through the office like a virus.  As a result of their findings, researchers advise people to make a conscious effort regarding their attitudes.  One psychiatrist also suggests that “If you feel frustrated after an impolite interaction, take a few minutes to yourself to take deep breaths and regroup before Read the rest

12 Instant Inspirations for a More Fascinating YOU

To become more successful, you don’t have to change who you are.  The author of this article says that you just have to become more of who you are, so you can create better relationships, and become more valuable to those who matter most to you.  She suggests 12 ideas to inspire you.Read the rest

Long Work Hours Can Increase Stroke and Heart Attack Risk

A new study suggests that your job might actually be killing you.  The study, reported by Advocate Health Care eNews, found that working 55 hours or more a week increases your risk of stroke by 33 percent and increases your risk of developing heart disease by 13 percent.Read the rest

Setting Boundaries on Your Workload

At a time when employers are requiring more of each of us, it is imperative that we establish a semblance of balance. Each person must learn to manage an ever-increasing workload. The author of this article suggests that total devotion to your job may lead to mental fatigue, resulting in lower quality work as well as reduced creativity and inability to solve problems effectively.  The author says that it is critical for each individual to understand his own optimal parameters, … Read the rest