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Hate Your Job? Better Check Your Health

According to this article, a recent study suggests that if you’re not happy at work, your emotional well-being and your physical health may both suffer.  Study results suggest that those with low satisfaction throughout their careers are more likely to be diagnosed with emotional issues and tend to worry excessively.  The study also revealed that unsatisfied workers were also more likely to become ill with greater regularity than respondents who said they were content in their career.Read the rest

Steps You Can Take to Create a Happier Workforce

Human Resources professionals and managers usually have influence with those who report directly to them as well as with key decision-makers. You are often in a position to provide valuable resources and help guide your library or organization to a culture that causes less worry and stress for employees—resulting in better overall health and productivity.  This article provides twelve things that managers can do help ensure a healthy work environment.  Read the rest

Healthy by the Hour: How to Make Wellness a Part of Your Work Day

If you are in the habit of going directly to your office when you get to work, sitting down at your computer, working until lunch time, eating lunch at your desk, and then continuing to work until it is time to go home, you may be causing irreparable damage to your health and overall wellbeing. This article offers suggestions for things you can do every day at work to get you moving and improve your health. Read the rest

Treat Life Like a Game

By Chelsea Hoitt

Sometimes, when you start to question what the point is of all the hard work you do, when it seems like no one appreciates your efforts; it helps to treat life as if it is a game. Pretend that you are competing to prove yourself to those who might be able to see all, whether or not you believe in god, you can imagine that someone somewhere someday might recognize your efforts as a judgment of you Read the rest

3 Ways You Can Help Your Employees Find Work-Life Balance

Finding a balance between one’s work and personal life is important to workers today. Employers that want to attract and retain the best talent are increasingly recognizing that it is a good business decision to help employees find the balance they seek.  This article suggests a few options to help employers address this concern.  Open communication between managers and employees about the organization’s priorities and the employee’s personal priorities are key. The next step is to work together to ensure Read the rest

Can Summer Stress Cause Employee Burnout?

According to new data, the shift from spring to summer actually appears to lead to an increase in stress levels. Stress is today’s top workforce health risk—surpassing even obesity and inactivity. Busier weekends and extended time with family and friends may make some employees feel overwhelmed during the summer. However, this article suggests that employees should not forego taking vacation. Even if employees can’t afford to take time from the office or library for weeks on end, they can still Read the rest

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood in a Matter of Minutes

Whether you had a bad day at work, your kids are acting up or something more serious has occurred, having the skills to improve your mood can make the frustrations of life a whole lot more bearable. The author of this brief article gives a list of things you can do in order to boost your mood in less than five minutes. Give it a try. You might find that doing little things can make a big difference in how Read the rest

5 Habits You Can Start Today to Improve Your Quality of Life

If you are like most people, you’re bombarded with distractions— e-mail, television, constant interruptions— from the time you start your day. If not handled properly, these distractions can become a source of stress. The author of this article suggests that when you do the things that are most important to you first, you free up energy for everything else on your list, reducing the possibility of your experiencing chronic stress. What you do the first 30 minutes you’re awake and Read the rest

What Are the Leading Causes of Stress for Americans?

New research found that discrimination is one of the leading causes of stress for Americans. Almost half of adults experienced major forms of discrimination such as being unfairly fired or denied a promotion. According to this article, other stress factors reported in the study include work, money, the economy, health concerns and family responsibilities. It seems that a large amount of stress can have a negative effect on your health.  In the article, Dr. Ahsan says it’s important to Read the rest

Helping Others May Keep You Healthy

This article suggests that you can improve both emotionally and physically from the effects of volunteering. You may find that you can benefit in ways you never imagined. Emotional benefits include higher self-esteem and a greater sense of well-being. Volunteering can also lead to less stress, less depression, and a lower risk of dementia. Physical benefits for people who volunteer may include lower blood pressure and a longer life. Keep in mind, however, your motive matters. You are more likely Read the rest