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Ten Tips for Dealing with the Stress of Uncertainty

What’s bothering you? What’s causing you to feel stressed? Is it your family, your finances, your job? According to this year’s Stress in America survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), Americans report various issues in the news as significant sources of stress, including health care, mass shootings and the upcoming election. However, according to the American Institute of Stress, numerous studies show that job stress is by far the major source of anxiety for American adults and Read the rest

Signs You’re Burning Out at Work

We all deal with stress in our lives, but especially in our jobs. There is the usual stress that comes with having to meet yet another deadline or dealing with your most difficult patron or coworker. However, chronic stress, if not managed effectively, can result in burnout. Burnout is more than the “normal” occurrences of stress. It can be a result of prolonged or chronic stress and is characterized by emotional exhaustion and feelings of being over-worked and over-whelmed on Read the rest

How Optimism Helps You Deal with Stress

Positive psychology researcher Michelle Gielan has studied optimism and success for more than a decade. Through her research, she has found that those with an optimistic outlook are better equipped to deal with stress. She also found that optimists have met more of their goals—both personally and professionally. Gielan defines optimism as the expectation of good things to happen and the belief that our behavior matters, especially in the face of challenges. She believes that even with optimism, it’s still Read the rest

How to Stop Thinking About Work After Hours

When you’re at home, do you think about projects you need to work on, or coworkers you need to talk to once you’re back at work? Sometimes it can be challenging to relax and let go of thoughts related to work. However, relaxing properly is essential to maintaining your physical and mental health. In a professional context, failure to relax can impact the quality and quantity of work you produce. According to this article, learning not to think Read the rest

Can I Use a Sick Day as a ‘Mental Health Day’?

It’s almost the middle of September, which means fall will be arriving soon. The change of seasons often brings illnesses such as colds, seasonal allergies or the flu. Coworkers and supervisors usually don’t make you feel guilty if you take a couple of days off for these ailments. After all, no one wants you spreading your germs and making the entire staff sick. But what if you just feel “out of sorts?”  What if you’re not feeling physically ill — Read the rest

Practice Being Kind to Yourself

Do you take better care of your family and friends than yourself? Are you often the first to ask others how you can help them and then put off taking care of your own needs? According to this article, putting yourself last on the list for good care can harm your mental and physical health. The author suggests that you consider treating yourself like you would a good friend. This self-care includes choosing habits that support your whole self—mind Read the rest

5 Tips to Make Sure Your Stress Isn’t Contagious

Have you ever said, “I’m so stressed” to your coworkers? If so, did you notice increased stress in the people around you? Most of us think about the damage that stress causes us. Yet, few consider the negative impact of their stress on others. Just like a cold or the flu, stress can be contagious and can negatively affect others, especially if you’re a manager. The author of this article offers five tips to help stop our stress from impacting Read the rest

15 Ways to Leave Work at Work

Most of us want to be the perfect employee and the perfect parent and mate. Often we feel overwhelmed and stressed when we attempt to have an ideal balance between our work and home life. More and more, however, we hear that there is no such thing as work-life balance. According to this article, a more realistic way of thinking about things is considered work-life integration. The article explains that work-life integration acknowledges that sometimes work will demand Read the rest

Are You Too Hard on Yourself?

Do you often blame yourself for things that are out of your control? Do you take responsibility for situations that you shouldn’t? You might be your harshest critic. But did you know that being too hard on yourself can be bad for your mental health?  Sure, there are times when we must take responsibility for our actions. However, according to this brief article, when we consistently judge ourselves too harshly and have a difficult time accepting ourselves, we Read the rest

Wellness Programs at ALA 2019 Annual Conference in DC

If you have ever attended one of the ALA Annual Conferences, you know it can be a bit overwhelming to think about all of the scheduled programs, meetings and events. Part of having a successful Conference experience includes the ability to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. To help you with this endeavor is a variety of sessions that can be a resource for you both at Conference and once you return home. Wellness programs at the ALA Read the rest