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Are You Too Hard on Yourself?

Do you often blame yourself for things that are out of your control? Do you take responsibility for situations that you shouldn’t? You might be your harshest critic. But did you know that being too hard on yourself can be bad for your mental health?  Sure, there are times when we must take responsibility for our actions. However, according to this brief article, when we consistently judge ourselves too harshly and have a difficult time accepting ourselves, we Read the rest

Wellness Programs at ALA 2019 Annual Conference in DC

If you have ever attended one of the ALA Annual Conferences, you know it can be a bit overwhelming to think about all of the scheduled programs, meetings and events. Part of having a successful Conference experience includes the ability to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. To help you with this endeavor is a variety of sessions that can be a resource for you both at Conference and once you return home. Wellness programs at the ALA Read the rest

Bringing Work Stress Home?

What goes with you on your commute home from work? For many, it’s work stress. While this may seem perfectly normal, the real question might be whether you let your work stress follow you home and affect your behavior. Do you often feel irritated when you walk in the door and your children’s games are not put away? Do you find yourself snapping at your partner over something minor? Let’s face it, any job can be stressful. On any Read the rest

Do You Know the Signs of Stress?

By Beatrice Calvin, MACMH, CDF

If you told someone in the general public that library workers experience stress on the job, many people might find that difficult to believe. There is a perception that people who work in libraries sit around and read their favorite books all day. I don’t need to tell you how wrong this idea is. Let’s be real. Every profession and/or work environment has the potential to be stressful for its workforce.

When asked to construct Read the rest

5 Ways You Can Use Visualization to Achieve Almost Anything!

Wait! Don’t dismiss this article based on the title. When you hear words like visualization, do you immediately put on your ‘skeptical’ hat? Are you anything like the author of this article who said, “I’m a hard-nosed realist who used to look at things like visualization as woo woo New Age.” If you said yes, then read on. The author explains how she used visualization in a personal struggle. However, her insight on visualization goes beyond her Read the rest

Is there a Point to Making Goals and/or Resolutions?

By Beatrice Calvin, MACMH, CDF

At the start of each year, I usually do not set any new goals or make any New Year’s resolutions. Year after year, I’ve read that people tend to stop working on their goals within a month or two. So, I figured, what’s the point.  However, while sitting in a service at the end of last year (a couple of weeks ago), I was encouraged to look at things a bit differently. At the heart Read the rest

You’re Sick? Go Home!

Have you ever gone to work when you were feeling not quite up to par—when you knew you were feeling ‘under the weather?’  What were your reasons for going in? You had an important meeting that you didn’t want to miss. You didn’t want to add to your colleagues’ workload. You wanted to save your sick days for when you “really” needed them. Whatever the reason, when you go in to work when you’re not feeling well, you run the Read the rest

What Will You Do Differently Next Time?

We may have our time planned exactly the way we want so that we can be effective and efficient in accomplishing our goals. Then out of the blue… here comes what feels like a thousand demands for our time. When we find ourselves bombarded with requests from supervisors, co-workers, even those in other departments, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.  This often leads to distraction. We can get distracted by all the thoughts running through our minds (i.e. how Read the rest

5 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Workload

By Beatrice Calvin

If you have times when you feel overwhelmed by your workload, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone feels overwhelmed at some point. But it’s how you handle your feelings that can make all the difference. The author of this article offers suggestions of practical ways (i.e. healthy self-talk, examining your assumptions, tracking your time, changing some behaviors, etc.) to handle your feelings which, ultimately could lead to your having a greater sense of control.

However, if you find Read the rest

Fireproof Your Life: How to Recognize Burnout and Escape Your Own Personal Inferno

Have you ever felt tired and exhausted and just ready to give up on work completely? Probably. Most of us who have been working for any number of years has felt this way. There have probably been times when the stress of our daily routines causes us to feel so exhausted that we must take a break—mental and physical. Even if it’s for just a few days to relax on a beach, a nice little break can be just the Read the rest