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Unions Rethink Strategy After Election Losses

Unions suffered losses at all levels of government following the recent elections.  The author of this article suggests that unions will have less impact now in states where issues such as pension cuts and charter schools and voucher expansions are expected to be a prominent part of the debate. Labor’s declining membership — along with open attacks on collective bargaining and other labor rights launched by some politicians — makes it difficult for unions to maintain their traditional clout.  … Read the rest

Gallup: Americans Approve of Labor Unions, Right to Work Laws

Results of a recent Gallup survey suggest that a slim majority of Americans, 53 percent, approve of labor unions. Although more Americans approve than disapprove of unions, they also widely support right-to-work laws.… Read the rest

AFSCME Offers Resources from 41st Annual Conference

In July 2014, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees AFL-CIO (AFSCME) held its 41st International Convention in Chicago. If you were unable to attend the conference, you might find the resources from workshops useful. In addition to listening to some of the speeches that were made during the conference, you can also view videos and photos. For additional details on the conference, visit the following pages:

AFSCME is the nation’s largest union … Read the rest

Collective Bargaining for Paternity Leave

Every day, families make difficult choices about how they will provide both emotional and financial support for their dependents. Work in Progress, the official blog of the U.S. Department of Labor, highlights the first White House Summit on Working Families and the role of unions in achieving parity in parental leave.… Read the rest