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No One Ever Told Me My Job Would Include… Dealing with a Korean Missile Alert!

By Michelle A. Moore

The Hawaii State Library System has mandatory employee training on workplace violence and safety because, let’s face it, things happen. The premise is to make us more aware and prepared to effectively manage a crisis.

Hawaii libraries have been closed for hurricanes, tsunami’s, and even volcano activity, but no ever told me my job would include handling a false ballistic missile alert. This unexpected event occurred on January 13, 2018, approximately one hour before the library Read the rest

You Work Where? Making a Difference for First Responders:  Meet Ed Metz, Library Program Manager at the National Emergency Training Center Library

By Caitlin Williams

Chances are good that you’re acquainted with FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency). And, it’s likely you’re well aware of the important work of firefighters and EMS personnel who respond to our emergencies each day.  But, you may not be aware of one of the key resources that supports, trains, and educates these professionals – the National Emergency Training Center – and its’ library, both located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Operated by the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), the Read the rest


By Caitlin Williams, Ph.D.

Welcome back to Library Work Life and Happy New Year!

As you make your new year’s resolutions and get yourself organized for the start of your work in 2018, wouldn’t you like some useful and timely information to give you an edge in growing your career? Well, here it is. This article provides information on trends that will enable you to get a head-start on moving forward in your job and your career.

This “trendy info” … Read the rest

Meet a Library Professional Who Uses Her Passion, Creativity and a 32-Foot Truck to Accomplish Her Work (Along with Ukulele Jam Sessions for Her Patrons!)

by Caitlin Williams, Ph.D.  

Welcome back everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying our tour around the country to meet and learn more about library professionals doing fascinating work in interesting locations, and making a real difference to the people they serve.  This past month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bretagne Byrd, Bookmobile Librarian for Lewis & Clark Library, headquartered in Helena, Montana.  

As you might imagine, running a bookmobile in Montana takes a lot of work and during our interview, Read the rest

Resilience: A Critical Career Management Tool

How well do you bounce back in the face of workplace stress? In her video chat “Resilience: A Critical Career Management Tool,” Dr. Caitlin Williams emphasizes the importance of building and practicing resilience to maintaining physical and professional health.

Resources Mentioned in the Resilience: A Critical Career Management Tool Chat

  • Borysenko, Joan.  It’s Not the End of the World: Developing Resilience in Times of Change. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2009.
  • Carucci, Ron.  “The Better You Know Yourself, the
Read the rest

You Work Where? Combining a love of music with some great LIS skills at an awesome workplace

By Caitlin Williams, Ph.D.

If I were to ask you to name your five favorite rock performers of all time, I bet it wouldn’t take you long to come up with your list.  Even for those of us who are now classical music enthusiasts, it’s still pretty easy to remember back to the rock singers, the lyrics, or the special moments in our past that we still link to a particular song.  

Music is that powerful.  It moves us and Read the rest

Thriving in Your Profession and in Life

By Caitlin Williams

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” – Maya Angelou

Hello Everyone!

I’m delighted to welcome all our readers to the newest feature in the Spotlight section of the Library Worklife Newsletter.

Because the field of library and information science is expanding and changing rapidly, we want to give you resources to help you enter – or continue Read the rest

Hey New Technical Services Librarian – Get Out of the Basement!

By Jessica Spooner

What is a technical services librarian?  What do we do? Don’t we, as librarians, just read books all day? Where is the technicality in that?

I am sure many of us have pondered that before entering this field.  Now we all know that the technical service librarians are usually hidden away, preferably in the basement. We are doing jobs that no one ever thinks about.  We are ordering, processing, classifying, cataloging and preparing the books to go Read the rest

Youthful Ruminations: The Plight of a Young Librarian

I’ve always been the youngest member of the library staff.  This station certainly comes with its advantages, but there are also some unavoidable downsides.  I’m grateful for having found my lifelong profession in my first job, but I’ve been the baby (and affectionately referred to as such) in all of my library positions since.  Discovering librarianship at an impressionable age allowed the fundamentals of the career to acquire the rose color that only the most striking moments of one’s young Read the rest

Elect to Do the Right Thing for Employees Taking Time Off From Work to Vote

As long as Election Day remains a working day, employees will show up to work late, leave work early or take long lunches just so that they can vote. We applaud those employers who have policies in place to ensure these employees are not penalized for taking time off.  The author of this brief article suggests that employers not even entertain the idea of disciplining employees who do take time off to vote. Besides being an unsavory practice, in some Read the rest