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How Veterans and Their Families Can Find Benefits

This past weekend, people all across the United States honored veterans for their service.  Veterans and their families often sacrifice so much for their country.  They give up time with their families. Many go into other countries or into battle and experience things we can only imagine.  Many never come back the same.  After serving their country, U.S. veterans become entitled to a variety of benefits. However, some are unaware of what these benefits are. Others are aware of them, Read the rest

The New Career Smarts: Zig-Zagging Your Way to Career Satisfaction

By Caitlin Williams

We all know that the “rules” for moving forward in our careers have changed considerably over the last couple decades. Rather than a career “ladder” where one moves steadily upward in lockstep fashion, career success these days is all about moving forward along a non-linear path – taking advantages of possibilities that present themselves and continuing to learn and upskill all along the way.  In this interview, you’ll meet someone who has done just that – shape Read the rest

Prison Library Project: Interview with Titus Moolathara, Branch Manager, Free Library of Philadelphia by Caitlin Williams, Ph.D.

For this month’s interview, I had the great opportunity to talk with Titus Moolathara, one of Library Journal’s professionals on their list of Movers & Shakers (Advocacy) for 2016.  In the interview that follows, I think you’ll see that Mr. Moolathara’s professionalism and true commitment to serving his community came across clearly throughout our conversation.  As you read through the interview, you may want to consider these questions to reflect on as you grow your own career:

  1. What do you
Read the rest

Janus v. AFSCME: What Is It About?

By Beatrice Calvin

If you read or watched the news at all in the past week or so, you probably heard about the ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).  It was a landmark labor law case regarding a challenge to an Illinois law that allowed unions representing government employees to collect fees from workers who choose not to join the union.

The case involves Mark Janus, a Read the rest

It’s That Time of Year – Get Ready for Some Awesome Opportunities!

By Caitlin Williams, Ph.D.

In case you’re wondering what “time” I’m referring to – it’s ALA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans – and it’s coming up very soon – June 21st through June 26th.  In this month’s Library WorkLife Newsletter, I’d like to share some tips for making the most of this year’s conference, whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran of several conferences.  And if you aren’t able to attend this year, I Read the rest

Additional Resources for Turning the ALA Annual Conference into a Treasure Trove of Opportunities

By Caitlin Williams, Ph.D.

(You’ll notice that these articles all have very similar titles.  But the information inside each one varies. Taken all together, they offer many great ideas.)

Read the rest

Taking Care of Yourself in the In-Between Time by Caitlin Williams

This month, Dr. Williams presents a brief video chat discussing transitions – that in-between-time when we’re in the middle of a change taking place in our lives – perhaps something that used to be a part of our life has ended – but something new hasn’t quite arrived to take its place, just yet.  That could mean a job, a relationship, a place of residence, a change to our health or even a change to our outlook on life.

MAY Read the rest

Just dive in and learn!  Advice from a System Librarian with an enduring belief in lifelong learning, a commitment to serving others, and a willingness to look for opportunities to make a difference

By Caitlin Williams

This month’s interview is with Aidy Weeks, Systems Librarian in the Health Sciences Library, within the Library Services Department for Orlando Health.

As you read through this interview, notice the wide range of subjects Aidy pursued in her undergraduate education, in addition to her master’s degree.  In particular, notice how she has been able to put her past education to work for her in her current position. Consider how you can do the same – whatever your Read the rest

No One Ever Told Me My Job Would Include… Dealing with a Korean Missile Alert!

By Michelle A. Moore

The Hawaii State Library System has mandatory employee training on workplace violence and safety because, let’s face it, things happen. The premise is to make us more aware and prepared to effectively manage a crisis.

Hawaii libraries have been closed for hurricanes, tsunami’s, and even volcano activity, but no ever told me my job would include handling a false ballistic missile alert. This unexpected event occurred on January 13, 2018, approximately one hour before the library Read the rest

You Work Where? Making a Difference for First Responders:  Meet Ed Metz, Library Program Manager at the National Emergency Training Center Library

By Caitlin Williams

Chances are good that you’re acquainted with FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency). And, it’s likely you’re well aware of the important work of firefighters and EMS personnel who respond to our emergencies each day.  But, you may not be aware of one of the key resources that supports, trains, and educates these professionals – the National Emergency Training Center – and its’ library, both located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Operated by the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), the Read the rest