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Minimum Wage Increased in 18 States

While New Year’s Day was a day of celebration for many, it was also the day that many new employment laws became effective. As a result, employers must pay close attention to municipal and state regulations, as well as federal changes to ensure compliance, especially when it comes to the multitude of minimum wage increases. Unfortunately, the U.S. minimum wage has remained stagnant for nearly a decade. The last time the federal minimum wage increased was in July 2009 (from Read the rest

Pay Perception May Be More Important to Workers Than Actual Compensation

A new study from PayScale showed that how employees feel about their organization’s approach to pay fairness and transparency had a higher impact on their job satisfaction than the amount they were paid. PayScale surveyed 501,796 workers on which aspects of their job contribute to their satisfaction and retention, and ultimately to their engagement. The research also found that, of the respondents who felt they were underpaid, 90% actually were paid at or above the market rate, and 75% of Read the rest

Is It Ever Okay to Borrow from Your Retirement Account?

With the holidays fast approaching, many people may be thinking about ways to get some extra money.  Perhaps you want to do some small projects around the house before guests arrive. Or maybe you want extra money for events that have nothing to do with the holidays. You might want to help a child prepare for an upcoming wedding, or help one prepare to start college. Whatever your reason for needing extra cash, you might be contemplating taking out a Read the rest

Retirement Planning is Hard, but it Can Be Even Harder for Women

If you’re a woman in your 50s or 60s, you could easily live for two to three more decades — possibly one-third of your total lifespan.  How would you plan for retirement assuming you — or your spouse or partner — might live to age 80 or 90 (if not longer)?  The basic problem for most women is that they’ll most likely live longer than men, yet they often have fewer retirement resources. According to this article, women face Read the rest

Important Steps to Take in the Years Before You Retire

After a certain age, the idea of retirement begins to take on new meaning and greater significance. The decisions you make during the last ten years of your career are critical to your ability to enjoy retirement. This article lists some important things to consider along with steps to take (other than saving as much as possible) to help make your transition from full-time work to retirement a successful one.… Read the rest

Minimum Wage Updates

According to a recent Pay Matters newsletter, the following wage increases went into effect on July 1st. Washington, DC minimum wage increased to $12.50 from $11.50; in Maryland, to $9.25 from $8.75; and in Oregon, the standard hourly minimum wage increased to $10.25 from $9.75, the Portland metro minimum wage increased to $11.25 from $9.75; and the nonurban counties minimum wage increased to $10 from $9.50.

Local minimum wage changes also took effect in municipalities in Arizona (Flagstaff), California … Read the rest

The Art of Asking: Salary Negotiation for Library Workers  

Join the ALA-APA in a discussion on salary and non-salary compensation negotiation issues in library hiring and promotion on Sunday, June 25, 2017, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. during the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.  We will review best sources for salary information, discuss common barriers to negotiation success and offer concrete advice to empower library workers of all levels of experience to negotiate with ease and confidence. There will be a brief presentation followed by open-floor discussion for participants Read the rest

Another State Bans Salary History Questions

Asking job applicants about salary history will soon be a thing of the past in Oregon.  According to this article, last week, the Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017 was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown after gaining unanimous support in both the state’s Senate and House. The law amends Oregon’s existing equal pay laws by eliminating an employer’s right to use or consider past wages in hiring and compensation decisions. The only instance where past wages Read the rest

How Prepared Are You for Retirement?  

By Beatrice Calvin

In a survey taken by TIAA-CREF, 64% of workers reported that it is hard to know what sources for advice and guidance they can turn to and who can be trusted when it comes to financial advice. More employers are realizing that they need to provide reliable, trust-worthy resources for employees. Employers understand that in order for employees to have confidence in their ability to retire, employees may need their help.

Recently, my employer organized several half-day Read the rest

In the Battle of the Sexes, The Pay Gap Still Exists

Equal Pay Day — April 4th, this year — is the symbolic day when women’s pay finally “catches up” to the wages that men took home the previous year. The date represents the fact that women working full time, year-round in the United States typically are paid just 80 percent of what men are paid, or a gap of 20 percent. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) reports the gap as 22 percent. The statistics are worse for Read the rest