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3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Employees’ Productivity (Clue: Help Them Be Happier at Work)

Do you believe that it’s not your job to help your employees be happy? Do you think that happiness is something that employees should find on their own time? After-all, you hired them to do a job. Right? That may be true. However, according to this article, a lack of attention to employee happiness isn’t just a bad business practice because it makes your workplace miserable, it also has a negative impact on employee productivity. This article offers three Read the rest

Coaching Mistakes

As a manager, you often must wear the hat of ‘coach.’ When it’s well done, coaching can boost individual and organizational effectiveness. When it’s poorly done, it can alienate employees and undermine performance. This article looks at the most frequent mistakes coaches make and provides suggestions for how to avoid them.Read the rest

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery for Your Library

As residents of several states and other locations around the world assess the damage of recent disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, we are all reminded just how quickly a situation can escalate and become life-threatening. For employers, planning for emergency situations long before they occur is not only a best practice — it could also save lives. This article provides a quick guide to disaster preparedness in the workplace, including brief discussions on notification systems, evacuation routes, and other … Read the rest

The Art of Respectful Firing

No one ever wants to hear the words, “You’re Fired.” Granted, there are times when employees’ actions may be cause for immediate dismissal (i.e. perform illegal transactions on the job, pose a direct threat to co-workers, etc.). Often though, under-performance and unmet expectations are more likely reasons for people being fired. Sometimes efforts to correct problematic behaviors simply don’t work. This article provides suggestions to assist managers in handling these situations proactively.Read the rest

Stay Interviews Have Become the New Exit Interviews

Human Resource professionals may be accustomed to conducting exit interviews. But wouldn’t you prefer to keep your employees for long term? So why not ask them what motivates them and keeps them working for your library or organization before they decide to leave? Stay interviews are designed to do just that.  According to this article, stay interviews can help you proactively understand what employees love about your library—and what is getting in the way of retention. This article provides … Read the rest

7 Common Employee Gripes (and How to Silence Them)

A study says that 40% of managers in the United States are considered “bad bosses” by their employees. Yet most managers assume that their relationships with their employees are running smoothly.

Obviously, some of those bosses are wrong … and that can create major problems for a business. A Gallup Poll says organizations are 50% less productive—and 44% less profitable—when serious boss-employee conflicts exist.

According to the book 30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers some common employee complaints about management, Read the rest

25 Low-Cost Benefits and Freebies for Employees

A recent benefits study of 2,000 people indicated that employees place a huge value on benefits. Eighty-eight (88) percent of survey respondents gave the standard health, dental, and vision insurance heavy consideration when evaluating a job offer. However, with five diverse generations currently in the workforce, employers are tasked with creating benefits that contain a mix of standard and unique benefits and perks that will appeal to a broad range of employees. This article lists 25 unique and low-cost employee Read the rest

38% of U.S. Employers Offer Paid Parental Leave

According to a WorldatWork report, more than a third of U.S. employers offer paid parental leave. A survey found that employers offered the benefit despite the absence of a federal mandate. Parental leave is reserved for parents who are recovering from childbirth or who are adopting, bonding with or taking care of a child. Most of the employers offering paid parental leave (78%) make it available to all workers. Nearly half make employees eligible on the day they’re hired. Read the rest

Experience Doesn’t Equate to Management Readiness

How does your library/organization choose who to promote to supervisory positions?  Often, individuals who do specific tasks well are promoted to oversee and train other employees.  But does doing one or two things well mean that person will be a good supervisor? People can be thrust into supervisor roles with little or no training on how to effectively lead others. The author of this article says promoting proven staff to higher level positions is a great practice – if you Read the rest

Immigration Policies May Have Chilling Effect on Workplace Rights

The new administration’s immigration policy might silence undocumented workers who witness but won’t report workplace violations out of fear of being deported, according to Bloomberg BNA.  Shannon Lederer, director of immigration policy at the AFL-CIO, reportedly told Bloomberg that, “We’re going to see rampant exploitation if workers feel it’s too risky to bring a claim.  The most exploited workers are also going to feel like they have a target sign on their back.”  Employers will need to be Read the rest