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38% of U.S. Employers Offer Paid Parental Leave

According to a WorldatWork report, more than a third of U.S. employers offer paid parental leave. A survey found that employers offered the benefit despite the absence of a federal mandate. Parental leave is reserved for parents who are recovering from childbirth or who are adopting, bonding with or taking care of a child. Most of the employers offering paid parental leave (78%) make it available to all workers. Nearly half make employees eligible on the day they’re hired. Read the rest

Experience Doesn’t Equate to Management Readiness

How does your library/organization choose who to promote to supervisory positions?  Often, individuals who do specific tasks well are promoted to oversee and train other employees.  But does doing one or two things well mean that person will be a good supervisor? People can be thrust into supervisor roles with little or no training on how to effectively lead others. The author of this article says promoting proven staff to higher level positions is a great practice – if you Read the rest

Immigration Policies May Have Chilling Effect on Workplace Rights

The new administration’s immigration policy might silence undocumented workers who witness but won’t report workplace violations out of fear of being deported, according to Bloomberg BNA.  Shannon Lederer, director of immigration policy at the AFL-CIO, reportedly told Bloomberg that, “We’re going to see rampant exploitation if workers feel it’s too risky to bring a claim.  The most exploited workers are also going to feel like they have a target sign on their back.”  Employers will need to be Read the rest

Diversity Doesn’t Stick Without Inclusion

In recent years, many libraries and organizations as well as colleges and universities have begun to focus on diversity and inclusion. Keeping pace with this trend, the American Library Association’s Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion has submitted a 50-page Final Report with recommendations for moving the Association forward. What is interesting is that the terms diversity and inclusion are so often lumped together that they are assumed to be the same thing. They are not. In the Read the rest

How to Have Difficult Conversations

While most people try to avoid having conversations that may be uncomfortable, there are some people who have a way of making difficult conversations seem effortless. Those who are successful in getting through tough discussions usually prepare for them. As a manager, there will undoubtedly be times when you must deliver unpleasant news, give unfavorable feedback, or even terminate an employee. How do you handle these situations in a way that causes the least amount of stress and saves face Read the rest

New Employee Making Old Employee Look Bad…Now What?

How would you handle a situation where a new, younger employee is more tech savvy, eager to work and more productive than an older employee who has been with the library a considerable amount of time?  As the manager, would you tell the older worker to shape-up or else? Would you let the older worker go in favor of the more productive, younger one? The author of this article offers suggestions for both the manager and the older employee to Read the rest

Actively Disengaged and Staying: Dealing with ‘prisoners’ in the workplace

There appears to be a number of employees who are disengaged at work, are not looking for other jobs and have little motivation to either improve or move on. Often, they hurt company morale and can keep the library/organization from achieving its goals. This article refers to these types of employees as prisoners in the workplace. While disengaged employees tend to leave the organization, this isn’t always the case. If you find employees who fall into this category in your Read the rest

If You Don’t Offer Paid Sick Leave, Expect Employees to Show Up Sick

We are now officially in the cold and flu season. The weather is changing. One day the temperature could be 80 degrees and the next day it could be 40 degrees. This fluctuation in the weather often causes many people to become ill. According to this article, about 1.5 million Americans with no paid sick leave benefits go to work ill each week. Paid leave isn’t mandatory for all in the U.S. Employers have the option to offer Read the rest

Employers Should Partner with Employees to Fight Financial Stress

The holidays are fast approaching. This is the time of year when some people tend to overspend. For those who may already be drowning in debt and financial responsibilities, the stress can be overwhelming. According to this article, a special report found that “employees who suffer from overwhelming financial stress or struggle to maintain financial stability tend to incur both immediate and future financial costs for their employer in the form of absenteeism, garnishments, payroll taxes and delayed retirement.” Read the rest

10 Things You Should Never Share with HR

Most Human Resources departments must serve the needs of the library/organization as well as the managers and general employees. At times, it can become a delicate balancing act. All HR departments do not necessarily operate the same.  The author of this article suggests that before you share a secret about yourself with HR at your workplace, you should know your HR staff. She explains that there are some things that you should never share with HR.Read the rest