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5 Rules to Get Employee Recognition Right

Recognition is an essential ingredient to keeping employees happy and engaged at work. It is vital to every manager. Actually, it’s critical for the success of every workplace. The author of this article suggests that if you want to keep your employees plugged into their jobs and coming into work with better attitudes, you’re going to have to reinforce them somehow.  But that presents some questions, like how, when, how much and how often? This brief article provides some rules Read the rest

How to Help Your Employees Report Harassment

There is evidence that suggests women in the workplace continue to keep quiet about the sexual harassment they experience or witness. This may be due to fear of retaliation and lack of clear reporting channels. Often, women who do report unwanted sexual behavior, find the response of their employer to be unsatisfactory. This article suggests three things that HR staff can do to cultivate a workplace that’s based on zero tolerance for harassment, ensure the safety and well-being of employees, … Read the rest

How to Be a Good Boss When Your Team Is Understaffed

Although the author of this article refers to entrepreneurs and startups, the suggestions that she offers are applicable to small library staffs or small departments within libraries. She suggests that managers roll-up their sleeves and work with their staff. The author also states that communication is key in defining clear expectations. Having a genuinely positive attitude will also go a long way towards promoting an effective and productive team.Read the rest

6 Keys to Turning an Employee into a Manager

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you needed a new manager, you could fill the position with someone who was already in your employ? How much time, money and energy would this save you? However, the author of this article says that you shouldn’t just place any employee, even a high performing one, in a manager’s role and expect them to succeed if they have not been prepared. Employees need to be groomed and trained to be successful managers.  … Read the rest

6 Termination Mistakes Managers Should Avoid

Terminating employees can be one of the hardest parts of being a manager or HR professional. It can also be one of the most legally dangerous. It is believed that more lawsuits result from employees getting fired than any other employee interaction. How can you avoid the anger of fired employees that might later manifest itself as a lawsuit? The author of this article offers guidelines that managers can follow that should help them avoid being dragged into court. Read the rest

Opioid Crisis: 5 Tips to Address Addiction in the Workplace  

Recently, there have been stories in the news of the nation’s growing opioid epidemic. It involves the use of prescription opioid (pain) medications and illicit drugs. The epidemic has touched every socio-economic level in the U.S. It is presenting challenges for both employees and employers. According to the National Safety Council, workers with substance use disorders miss nearly 50% more work days than their peers – up to six weeks annually. Employers don’t seem to recognize the scope of Read the rest

9 Surprising Signs You’re an Exceptional Boss (That Most People Never Consider)

If I asked you what kind of supervisor you have, you’d probably say something like, ”Oh, she’s okay.” If I asked you what kind of supervisor you are, you’d probably say, “I’m a great boss.” It’s funny how we can often see the flaws in others, but think of ourselves as perfect. Many people are good bosses. Some are even great bosses. A select few are phenomenal. This article describes ways of functioning as a supervisor that often go unnoticed, Read the rest

Inclement Weather Pay Policies

December is here—ushering in holiday parties and winter breaks.  December can also bring inclement weather. In addition to planning for holiday staffing, employers should also review rules and policies for paying employees during weather-related closings and absences. This article suggests that employers be proactive and take necessary steps before inclement weather hits. The author provides important tips to help employers navigate the season more confidently.Read the rest

7 Tips to Turn Bad Bosses into Inspiring Leaders

Many people go to work, put in their time, and clock out. There’s no interest in what’s going on. They just want a pay check. This lack of engagement can often be attributed to how people feel about their immediate supervisor. According to this article, bosses who have good rapport with their staff and think of themselves as a coach, rather than a dictator or final decision-maker, will engender employee trust and cooperation. The author offers tips to help Read the rest

3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Employees’ Productivity (Clue: Help Them Be Happier at Work)

Do you believe that it’s not your job to help your employees be happy? Do you think that happiness is something that employees should find on their own time? After-all, you hired them to do a job. Right? That may be true. However, according to this article, a lack of attention to employee happiness isn’t just a bad business practice because it makes your workplace miserable, it also has a negative impact on employee productivity. This article offers three Read the rest