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The Library Support Staff Certification Program (LSSC) announces Project Participants

The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) announced that the LSSC program will partner with 11 Library Assistant Training (LTA) Programs in a project that will allow their graduates to receive the LSSC without having to further demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

These programs include the Community Care College in Oklahoma; NMSU-Dona Ana Community College in New Mexico; Central Carolina Community College in North Carolina; College of Lake County in Illinois; Northampton Community College in Pennsylvania; Fresno City College in … Read the rest

CPLA Webinar on August 10

Join us on a short webinar about the Certified Public Library Administrator Program on Wednesday, August 10, 2011, from 2:00 – 2:30 pm CST. This 30-minute introduction to CPLA will help public librarians determine whether national certification should be part of their future – Learn the logistics and benefits of this transformational ALA/ALA-APA program. Webinars are held on the second Wednesday of each month.

See what graduates and employers have to say about CPLA –

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Refresh, Recharge, Redirect: Library Director Kate McCaffrey on CPLA

Seasoned library administrators may question the need to go back to school. Why would someone with significant administrative experience need to learn what they’ve been doing for years? For Kate McCaffrey, long-time library administrator and current Director of the Northern Onondaga Public Library system, the answer to this question is simple: renewal. Having received her MLS when technology was just beginning to shape the library and tweeting was still for the birds, McCaffrey knew she could benefit … Read the rest

Approaches to Continuing Education

A library school cannot teach everything a librarian needs to know for a specific job or position. And even if it could, rapid changes in the nature of librarianship require librarians to keep abreast of new developments and new opportunities. Continuing education can meet this need.

Continuing education, a learning process for increasing or enhancing knowledge, skills or attitudes, benefits employees and helps them meet personal goals. According to William Asp (1985), successful continuing education

  1. includes “learning
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The Library Support Staff Certification Program Recognizes Library Assistant Graduates

Jenifer Grady (ALA-APA) and Carol Sturz (College of DuPage) with signed agreement

The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) announced today that it has completed agreements with three Library Assistant Training Programs that will allow their graduates to receive the LSSC without having to further demonstrate their skills and knowledge. These programs include the Library and Information Technology Program at the College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois; the Library Technical Assistant program at the Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis, … Read the rest

Congratulations to Nine New Certified Public Library Administrators

CHICAGO – The Certified Public Library Administrator Program congratulates nine new graduates since January and the 139 librarian candidates who are progressing through the program.  There are 45 graduates thus far.  Most recent graduates are:

  • Christy Blanchette, Valley Cottage Library (N.Y.)
  • Dawn Bostwick, Nassau County Public Library (Fla.)
  • Charlotte Canelli, Morrill Memorial Library (Mass.)
  • Steve Decker, Cedar City Public Library (Utah)
  • Peg Hooper, Jefferson County Public Library (Colo.)
  • Virginia LaRocque, Loudoun County Public Library (Va.)
  • Janet Loveless, Nassau County Public
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ALA-APA Certification Programs Offer Webinars

Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program Webinars:

  • April 19, 2011, 2:00 pm CDT – Using LiveText Successfully
    LiveText is the online space that candidates will interact with as they work towards certification. On Tuesday, April 19 at 2:00 pm (CST), LSSC will
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Committees at Work—Certified Public Library Administrator Program

What goes on in those “closed” committee rooms at the annual conference? Anne K. Abate, Interface Editor for the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA), reports from the hidden lair of Certification Review Committee of the Certified Public Library Administrator Program. (Breaking news: ALA committee members drink a LOT of coffee.)… Read the rest

Preparing for the Future: Interview with Barb Brattin, Certified Public Library Administrator Program Graduate

Barb Brattin

While many library administrators are struggling to find funding to maintain basic services, Barb Brattin is enjoying a rarity: a high per capita spending budget. As the director of Wilkinson Public Library in Telluride, Colorado, a small, well-funded ski resort town, Brattin has the freedom to explore new ways to engage her community and advance the library.

But even bounty presents challenges. Faced with need to best utilize the budget by serving her highly affluent … Read the rest

The Peer Perspective: Interview with Nancy Levin, Director of Cleveland Heights-University Heights Libraries

Under this issue’s Spotlight, Library Worklife features an interview with CPLA graduate Catherine Hakala-Ausperk. We turn now to Nancy Levin, Director of Heights Library and Hakala-Ausperk’s immediate supervisor. Levin shares her own impressions of the CPLA program, which she formed during Hakala-Ausperk’s CPLA studies.

LW: What are your impressions of Catherine’s involvement in the CPLA program?
NL: We benefitted from a number of activities that she created for homework. Specifically, we are using is a new way … Read the rest