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A Look at Postsecondary Work Credentials Beyond the Degree

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released a new Data Point report last month entitled Degree and Nondegree Credentials Held by Labor Force Participants. This report examines the rates at which working adults have attained either a postsecondary degree or a postsecondary nondegree credential, including postsecondary certificates, occupational licenses, and occupational certifications. The report uses data from the Adult Training and Education survey, conducted as part of the 2016 National Household Education Survey (NHES) program.

Among the findings:

  • Although
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Career Questions from Your Fellow Library Professionals at ALA Midwinter, 2018

By Caitlin Williams, Ph.D.

During the recent ALA 2018 Midwinter Meeting in Denver, Colorado several questions arose during the counseling sessions which were conducted in the ALA JobLIST Placement & Career Development Center. In this brief video chat, Caitlin Williams discusses these questions along with responses for how to handle each situation mentioned. She also includes a resource list for additional reading.

Resources for You

  • About Careers website (especially The Doyle Report by Alison Doyle):
  • Anderson, Davis and
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CPLA and CLSS Classes of 2017!

Congratulations to the 2017 Class of Certified Public Library Administrators!

The following individuals successfully completed the program requirements and received the CPLA designation in 2017:

  • Amy Hannaway, St. Louis, MO
  • Elizabeth Joseph, Stamford, CT
  • Kim Kroll, Belton, TX
  • Jared L. Mills, Seattle, WA
  • Therese Purcell Nielsen, Huntington, NY
  • Jill Youngs, Cicero, NY

Did you know you can earn 8 hours towards your recertification by attending the 2018 PLA Conference in Philadelphia, PA.  Please visit for information and to register.Read the rest

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Valued at Work

No one likes to feel unappreciated, particularly when you’ve put a lot of effort into getting something accomplished. How can you highlight your achievements without bragging about your work? Who should you talk to about your feelings? And if the situation doesn’t change, do you just stay on the job, or do you quit? The author of this article offers suggestions for how to handle situations when you might be feeling undervalued.… Read the rest

5 Ways to Keep Your Cool in a Professional Environment

Most of us have experienced times at work where strong emotions come into play and threaten to turn us into fire-breathing dragons. A difficult patron yells at you about something you can’t control, or your coworker won’t cooperate on something that seems so simple. These can be stressful situations that would frustrate any person. If you aren’t careful, you could say something that might have a negative impact on your professional image, and ultimately, your career. So how can you Read the rest

Can a Job Title Change Your Behavior?

Most libraries have standard job titles such as cataloger, technical services librarian, youth services librarian and instruction librarian. But what if you could make up your own job title? As a library worker, do you think you would feel better about yourself if you had a more impressive sounding title? According to this article, research suggests that job titles have the power to improve our well-being and sense of control. They can boost our perceived social status. Researchers also Read the rest

Courses to Help You Reach Your Career Development Goals

The ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR) will be offering a variety of online, asynchronous courses to help library workers achieve career development goals. Cost per course is $350 for ALA members and $400 for non-members. A list of upcoming courses is included below.

Library Marketing | REGISTER

Dates: November 13 – December 22, 2017

Description:  This course is designed to provide participants with an introduction to basic marketing management and how these principles apply in Read the rest

Preparing for a Job Interview? You Should Know How to Answer Work-Life Balance Questions

Whenever you have a job interview, it’s standard practice to prepare to answer questions such as ‘What are your strengths/weaknesses?’ or ‘How did you handle a recent problem?’  The hiring manager’s goal in asking many questions, is to gain insight into who you are and how you work so that she can find the person who’ll be the best fit for the position. According to this article, some employers are now asking questions to gauge your work/life balance. The Read the rest

Time to Update Your Skills

By Beatrice Calvin

It’s that time of year again—classes are back in session. You may not want to go back to school, but you can still take courses to improve some areas of your life. Keep in mind that one sure way to increase your chances of getting a promotion or a new work assignment, is to improve your knowledge and skill level. In coming months, the ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR) will be offering several Read the rest

10 Rules for Driving Positive Change

Are there people at work that you look forward to seeing each day? Are there other people that you dread running into? — You know, those negative people who drain your energy and rob you of your good feelings. So how do you shake free of the negative people and drive positive change no matter where you are? This article shares 10 simple but powerful rules for overcoming common life and work obstacles to help bring out the best in Read the rest