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Upcoming Continuing Education

One sure way to increase your chances of getting a promotion or that prime assignment that you’ve been eyeing, is to improve your knowledge and skill level. In coming months, the ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR) will be offering several continuing education opportunities to help you do just that. All courses are online, asynchronous sessions with a duration of six (6) weeks.  Anyone may sign up for a course.

Listed below are details for courses which Read the rest

Jump Start Your Year with Continuing Education

The ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR) is offering a six-week Current Issues course. The online asynchronous sessions will be available on six sequential Mondays from January 9 –  February 19, 2017. The cost of the course is $350.  It’s not too late.  REGISTER NOW as the class has just started.

This course will familiarize participants about international, national, state, and local issues, trends, legislation and demographics affecting their community and their staff. Featuring discussions on current Read the rest

Numerous Opportunities for Professional Development at ALA

If you plan to attend the American Library Association’s (ALA) Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta next month (January 20-24, 2017) consider taking advantage of the numerous professional development opportunities and services provided through the ALA JobLIST Placement & Career Development Center.    The Center will be open Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 21 & 22, and located in the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), Building A, Hall A-3, 285 Andrew Young International Blvd., Atlanta, GA.  Some of the Center’s activities are listed Read the rest

4 Ways to Become a High Payoff Learner

People love to be good at things, but often, they aren’t willing to put in the effort it takes to become good. This article (which summarizes a session that took place at the Next Generation of Government Summit) explains that you can drive change for yourself and for the world if you get good at acquiring new skills. By focusing on four specific strategies and adopting a mindset that you’re still learning, you can become a high payoff learner Read the rest

4 Ways to Build Influence on LinkedIn

I’m sure you already know that LinkedIn is a professional networking platform which is designed to foster strategic connections among registered members.  Growing your network is one way to create a successful brand and establish professional credibility. This article gives practical tips with detailed instructions for building your influence through LinkedIn.Read the rest

Setting First-time Leaders Up for Success

One company that studies leadership transitions found that while stepping up as a manager is one of the most courageous decisions in one’s career, more than 87 percent of first-time leaders feel frustrated, anxious and uncertain about their new role.  They say that the struggles of new leaders are both real and widespread.  This article examines what organizations can do to help increase the likelihood that their new managers and leaders will be set up for success, grow into the Read the rest

When to Settle, and Not Settle, on that Job Offer

If you have ever had to look for a job for an extended period of time, you probably understand the temptation to accept the first offer you receive—even if it’s not exactly what you want. There are times when taking a job—any job— may be necessary to pay your bills or to get your foot in the door. However, there are times when you need to pause and evaluate if the offered job leads you towards your career goals. The Read the rest

Start Planning Now for Continuing Education

Right now, the sun may be shining brightly and many of us are probably enjoying leisurely days with our family and friends. But autumn will be here soon. This is a time when school, colleges and universities are back in session.  It is also a time when employees look to gain new knowledge and update their skills.  So now is the perfect time to start thinking about what new things you want to learn.

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5 Types of Employees Who May Not Be Management Material

You may have your eyes set on the library director’s position or a management position and the bigger salary that comes with it. According to this article however, it may be difficult for you to get it if you are not management material. Some people who have hopes of working their way up the ladder are wondering why they haven’t yet been able to move forward. It could be that their behavior is functioning as a road block. This article Read the rest

How to Deal With a Horrible Boss

Whether your supervisor is prone to fits of rage, has a tendency to micromanage, blames you for his mistakes, or plays favorites, a less-than-harmonious relationship with your boss can cause a lot of stress. The author of this article says that while telling a boss you hate to take a hike might be an appealing notion, it’s not the most professional way to deal with the situation. She offers five things you can do to help alleviate the pressure of Read the rest