Transparency Builds Trust

Many people feel confident moving to a managerial role because of their knowledge and experience. Often, they fail to realize that management requires more. It requires the ability to lead others. How can you demonstrate your leadership qualities? The author of this article suggests that the best approach is simply to be authentic. Being authentic is not just a matter of being your “true” self. It also involves managers being transparent. It means sharing information that team members need. It also means that managers are honest. The author suggests that when you cannot share something, tell people that you cannot disclose certain details. This will help build transparency and transparency builds trust. It allows employees to feel confident that a manager is not hiding information. Employees become frustrated and resentful when management doesn’t share important facts and details that they need to perform their jobs or to feel confident that they still have jobs. The author of this article gives four things that managers can do to encourage transparency.