Confronting Poor Performers: 6 Tips for Managers

Although this is a new year, as a manager, you may be dealing with some old issues from last year. Perhaps you put off having a difficult conversation with an employee because you didn’t want to “ruin” the holidays. Or maybe you were hoping that the employee would see the error of his ways and resolve to do better in the new year. Just waiting for certain situations to get better on their own might not be the best way to handle disciplinary problems with employees. Let’s face it, there aren’t many managers who look forward to having a conversation about poor performance. But ignoring an employee’s poor performance won’t make the problem go away; it’ll only make things worse. In addition to creating low morale amongst employees, this article explains that libraries/organizations that tolerate poor performance will drive away top performers who are unhappy working in such an environment. The article offers excellent suggestions (reminders) for managers to follow when dealing with employees with poor performance issues.