What Are You Tolerating?

Are there things or situations in your life that cause you to feel stressed every time you think about them? It could be a messy office, a friendship or work relationship that is not reciprocal, or even a desire to get additional education. They are things you want to change, but just haven’t put in the time or effort to make the change. The author of this article/video calls these “tolerations” and says that they drain us of our energy. We tolerate them for various reasons, but they keep us from being our best and from accomplishing our goals with ease. She suggests that you ask yourself, “What am I putting up with right now?” Then make a list of things you tolerate. Then one by one, begin taking steps towards eliminating your tolerations. She suggests that as you eliminate the things you tolerate in your life, your energy will be restored, and you will have a less stressful life.