How to Make (and Keep) a New Year’s Resolution

Okay, it’s brand new year and a brand new you. You’re ready for new and exciting things to happen. Did you make any resolutions about things you want to change or do differently? If so, you’ve probably heard the statistic that more than half of all resolutions fail. By the middle of February, most people have given up on their resolutions.  I’m not trying to rain on your parade. Don’t let the statistics keep you from starting. You don’t have to be one of the people who give up or fail. The author of this article briefly discusses how you can identify the right resolution to improve your life, create a plan on how to reach it, and become part of the group of people that successfully achieves their goals.  I’d like to suggest that if something does happen to derail your plans, remember that tomorrow is another day. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t berate yourself. Just start fresh. Look at each day as an opportunity to start anew, to keep going with your goals. Remember your “why.”  Why did you make the resolution in the first place? If the reason is still valid, then keep chugging along. Keep trying. If it’s not, then consider making some adjustments to your plans or making new ones.