Minimum Wage Update

Battles over minimum wage continue. Wage hikes were approved in states and municipalities across the country last year. The National Employment Law Project reported that 25 states and jurisdictions approved raises for 11.8 million U.S. workers last year. Most wage increases will be phased in from current levels to increments of $10, $12 and $15 between 2017 and 2021. However, most of the movement on wage has been at the local level. According to HRDIVE, there have been two more recent battles related to minimum wage increases. Missouri’s Supreme Court affirmed their state’s minimum wage increase, which will be $11 per hour in 2018. The high court reversed an earlier ruling by a trial judge that struck down the wage hike just before the ordinance was to be enacted. Baltimore, on the other hand, faces opposition to its minimum wage hike from local finance officials. A majority of their council members are backing the wage increase. Their minimum wage will rise to $15 an hour.  There has been no Federal bill on minimum wages yet.