Upcoming Continuing Education

One sure way to increase your chances of getting a promotion or that prime assignment that you’ve been eyeing, is to improve your knowledge and skill level. In coming months, the ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR) will be offering several continuing education opportunities to help you do just that. All courses are online, asynchronous sessions with a duration of six (6) weeks.  Anyone may sign up for a course.

Listed below are details for courses which are being offered within the next couple of months.

Politics and Partnerships

Starts: Feb. 20, Ends: April 2, 2017  REGISTER

By the end of this 6-week course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify social/political/economic issues that may affect the library, the populations it services, or its services.
  • Develop relationships with people who can exercise influence in federal, state, or local decisions.
  • Understand the role of and work effectively with key constituents, the library board and library friends and/or foundation.
  • Work effectively with the media.
  • Lobby for federal, state, and local initiatives that support the library’s vision, mission, and goals.

Fundraising and Grantsmanship

Starts: March 6, Ends: April 16, 2017  REGISTER

By the end of the 6-week course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify public and private funders for library facilities, services and grants.
  • Analyze resources, programs, publications, and trends regarding available external funding.
  • Produce a brief proposal for support of a service activity.
  • Identify the major elements of any grant application and be able to understand how those elements are interconnected.
  • Produce a needs statement to support a desired potential grant support activity.
  • Identify who in the participant’s community are potential stakeholders in any fundraising or grant activity.
  • Analyze how various fundraising and grant opportunities can be interrelated to produce overall results.

Planning & Management of Library Buildings

Starts: April 3,  Ends: May 14, 2017  REGISTER

By the end of the 6-week course, participants should be able to:

  • List building maintenance and operation procedures for effective budgeting and selection of maintenance programs and staff.
  • Describe short- and long-range capital improvement and facility development plans.
  • List procedures in employing architectural, engineering and consultant assistance in building maintenance and development programs.
  • Describe key components and required information in developing building programs.
  • Describe the planning and construction processes for renovated or new facilities.
  • Describe the roles of other governmental entities in developing building programs and renovation/new facilities plans.
  • List life and safety issues in building operation and planning.
  • List technology planning needs and building requirements.
  • Describe post-occupancy evaluation procedures.
  • Understand issues related to emergency, disaster, and other unexpected situations within the building.

For more information on these and any of the courses being offered by HRDR, visit their continuing education web page.