East Valley (WA) board adopts budget; Library staff, security among cuts

East Valley High School’s new budget calls for the elimination of two librarian positions left vacant through attrition.

Under a budget recovery plan, one elementary librarian position and another middle school librarian position were cut. Remaining district librarians will cover schools on a rotation basis. High school security staff was cut by 1.5 positions, reflecting one slot lost through attrition.

Board member Roger Trainor cast the sole vote against the new spending plan that includes a general fund of $37.9 million and a reserve fund of $477,700.

“You all know how I feel about security and libraries,” Trainor said during the board’s regular meeting on August 21. “I don’t feel that [either] should be cut.”

Al Swanson, interim fiscal manager, argues that the cuts are necessary. “The budget is consistent with the recovery plan to cut $1.8 million to bring expenditures back in line with revenues and to begin to put more money into the unreserved (end-of-year) fund balance,” Swanson said after the meeting. “The reductions were done in a thoughtful, planned manner.”