Librarian Salary Survey Reports Mean Librarian Salary Up More Than 4% to $56,259 in 2006

The 2006 edition of the ALA-APA Salary Survey: Librarian—Public and Academic (previously known as “Librarian Salary Survey”) is available for purchase from the American Library Association (ALA) online store. With data from more than 1,000 public and academic libraries, the mean salary reported increased 4.6 percent from 2005, up $2,480 to $56,259 in 2006.

Published by the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA), the survey shows aggregated data from more than 10,000 individual salaries at the state and regional levels. Positions included are directors/deans, associate/assistant directors, department heads, managers of support staff, librarians who do not supervise and beginning librarians.

The survey gives national-level mean and quartile data. The report includes analysis of salary trends and an extensive appendix of other sources of compensation data within and outside of the library profession. The median salary was $50,976. Salaries ranged from $22,000 to $253,500.

This survey continues more than 20 years of collecting and reporting salary data for six positions requiring an ALA-accredited master’s degree in library science.  It complements the new ALA-APA Salary Survey: Non-MLS—Public and Academic, which presents data from 62 positions that do not require an MLS. The Non-MLS Salary Survey also indicates the minimal educational requirement for each position. Quick facts about the Non-MLS Salary Survey are found on the ALA-APA Web site:

The Librarian Salary Survey price remains unchanged at $63 for ALA members/$70 for non-members. Participating libraries receive a 25 percent discount. The Non-MLS Salary Survey is $90 for ALA members/$100 for non-members, and participating libraries receive a 25 percent discount.

Both surveys were completed with consultation from Denise Davis, director of the ALA Office for Research and Statistics, and conducted by The Management Association of Illinois.

The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association: the Organization for the Advancement of Library Employees is a service organization to the American Library Association and has as one of its missions supporting salary improvement initiatives for library workers. Please contact the ALA-APA Office at 800-545-2433, x2424 or with questions or comments.