A New Round of Library Support Staff Certification Registration Assistance Awards Offered by LSSIRT and Ten States


The Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program is proud to announce that the Library Support Staff Interests Round Table (LSSIRT) as well as eleven state library agencies will be offering another round of financial assistance to library support staff applying for certification in the LSSC Program.  The LSSC Program offers library support staff the opportunity to achieve recognition for their existing skills and knowledge, to gain new skills and knowledge, and to enhance their library’s service to the public.

The eleven states participating are the: Idaho Commission for Libraries, Missouri State LibraryNew York State Library, State Library of Kansas, State Library of Louisiana, Texas Library Association, Washington State Library, Colorado Association of Libraries, Tennessee State Library and Archives, California State Library, and the Wyoming State Library.

The Library Support Staff Interest Round Table will be offering 50 Registration Assistance Awards this fall. These awards are for $175, one-half of the LSSC registration fee.  Successful award recipients will pay the remainder of the fee. Apply for a Registration Assistance Award right here!

The state-level organizations have up to 10 awards to distribute.  To apply for an award from the participating states, please contact the participating state organization. Only library support staff living in that state are eligible to apply at the state level.

Applications will begin to be accepted on April 1st and will continue until May 15th at both the national and state level.  You may apply at both the national and state level, however you may only receive one award.

The LSSC Program is partially funded by a grant to ALA from the federal Institute for Museum and Library Services, and managed by the ALA-Allied Professional Association.

To be eligible to participate in LSSC and thus receive an Assistance Award, applicants must have a high school degree or its equivalent and have worked for the equivalent of one year (1820 hours) as a library staff member or volunteer within the last five years.