Certification Program Committee

Certified Public Library Administrator Program Committee (CPLA CRC)

Certification Program Committee (CPC)

This committee is charged to (1) encourage and promote development of certification programs, (2) monitor and evaluate the progress of such programs, (3) encourage individuals to seek certification through such programs of the ALA-APA, and (4) make recommendations to the ALA-APA Board of Directors for general improvements to ALA-APA certification, based on evaluations and trends in certification practice. The committee shall consist of 5 individuals, including the chair.



Sha Li Zhang  (Chair, 2015 Р2017)

Lauren Bourdages (Member, 2016 – 2018)

Chuck Gibson (Member, 2014 Р2018)

Michael Golrick (Member, 2015-2017)

Emily Wagner (Member, 2015-2017)

Julius C. Jefferson, Jr. (ALA-APA Board Liaison, 2015 – 2018)

Lorelle Swader, (Staff Liaison)