Get Involved!

Top Ten Ways to Get Involved with the ALA-Allied Professional Association

  1. Volunteer for one of ALA-APA’s committees: (Salaries and Status of Library Workers, Publishing, Promotion and Fundraising, Certification)
  2. Subscribe to the newsletter, Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today’s Leaders.
  3. Write for Library Worklife.
  4. Download the Better Salaries and Pay Equity Toolkit and find ways to use it in your library to improve salaries.
  5. Donate to ALA-APA—a complimentary copy of the advocacy video “Working @ Your Library: For Love or Money” will be sent to donors giving $25 or more. ALA-APA has no members and depends on your contributions.
  6. Celebrate National Library Workers Day—the Tuesday of National Library Week.
  7. Subscribe to either the MoneyTalks or Union electronic discussion lists.
  8. Attend ALA-APA meetings and programs at ALA Midwinter and Annual Conferences.
  9. Learn the facts and initiate discussions about improving salaries, pay equity, and certification with your colleagues, managers, trustees, and others.
  10. Spread the word!